Trek Urban Bicycles

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Good urban bicycles can change the way people commute in cities and more importantly enjoy that commute.

There are a ton of passionate bikers on the inter-web shouting themselves hoarse proclaiming the goodness of bike commute. CommuteByBike and our biking notebook are some good resources to go to for more info.

Keeping this in mind, and the simple fact that we love Trek bikes, BumsOnTheSaddle was trying to get Trek to introduce a bigger range of Urban bikes in India. Till date we had only the Trek 7100, which was perpetually out of stock.

We are proud to introduce the Trek 7.1

We are expecting the bike to be priced somewhere around Rs 20,000.

Mind you, Trek has shipped over just a couple of pieces to test the market. The bikes should be here in about 2 weeks time (approx – dont hold us to it. The recent eclipse might have screwed up this estimate)

If this is the bike you have been dying for – ping us immediately. Send us smoke signals. Whatever it takes to ensure we reserve a bike specially for you.

pssst: a ton of 7100s are also expected. If thats what you have been waiting for, make sure you ping us so that we can get those too !

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