Biker movie nites and some cake

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Multiple celebrations are in order

  • A successful 2nd race of the Bangalore Bicycle Championships 2009
  • our bicycle club, Bangalore Bikers Club crossing the 1000 member mark
  • more bikers in the city

we plan to celebrate all this and more on the 4th of July (the coming Saturday) with some delicious cake (I hope) followed by a movie nite.

yahoooo .. a perfect case of have ones cake and eating it too

Location: at BumsOnTheSaddle ( map and address )

When: 6:30pm on the 4th July 2009 (a Saturday)

What to expect: No idea. The biking movie is yet to be short listed, but we guarantee its going to be loads of fun.

And its a Bring Your Own Bottle (B.Y.O.B) event (Bottle can be interpreted as Orange Juice or Beer. Whatever floats your boat. Dont plan to get too high, remember we are already three stories high – dont feel shy, get your drink. One for you one n for your neighbour).

This is a good time to bring those unsuspecting soon-to-be-converted-non-biker friends and proudly showcase your biking buddies. (be discreet, dont point n laugh at the ones in tight spandex)

Please do leave a comment in case you plan to drop in. If you feel like helping us setup before the show let us know (hey you, dont call me Tom Sawyer behind my back. Buggers)

Spread the word and let the show begin !

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