Bangalore Bicycle Championships – Time Trial

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Lances Time Trial bike

The first leg of the Bangalore Bicycle Championships is going to be an individual Time Trial event


Sarjapura road ( Map to location )


Sunday, 24th May 2009

People are requested to be at the start point by 0645 hrs IST. The first rider starts by 0710hrs IST.

Punctuality will be greatly appreciated.


Any self-propelled contraption.

Road bikes, MTBs, Single Speed, doodhwaala, paperwala, yel-neer wala.. any kinda cycle will do.

Come, ride hard and have fun!!


Anybody and everybody.

Want to take part ? Register here

Want to volunteer ? Register here

Please do pass on this info to any one you know who would be interested to participate in the event.

You are most welcome to get friends and family to cheer you along.


For the one prize that you can never buy off-the-shelf at any store – bragging rights!!

More details about the event on the Bangalore Bicycle Championships page

Lance Armstrong – 2005 Time Trial

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