Turning on the cycling switch for Bangalore

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Are you riding the Bangalore Critical Mass tomorrow ?

This is going to be an extra special Critical Mass as its going to coincide with the Cycling Inclusive Planning Workshop for Bangalore.

Here are some posters created by a few bikers. Print em, email them, do whatever. Make sure others get to see em !

Critical Mass Posters

Cycling Planning Workshop Posters

Posters prepared by fellow riders – Prasant, Francis and Murali. Fantastic work guys.

More info about the event on the RideACycle site page and the Freewheeling site

If you have some time to spare tomorrow, do join us.

What is to be done ?

  • Arriving at the venue at 8.00am (KSRTC office, Double Road)
  • Setting up the registration desk
  • Getting participants seated
  • Distribution of agenda and other workshop related materials.

We need about 10 people to help. If you are interested in volunteering please call Devika Mistry at 09820960293.

Make sure you ride the Critical Mass tomorrow !

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