BOTS Bike Workshops – update

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the entire group – shot by Aravind Teki

a long due update on BOTS workshop no.2 – Effective Group Riding

The workshop was delayed quite a bit as we had to wait for the lazier folks. Next time onwards we stick to time. Its not fair if the lazy ones keep the rest waiting !

The weather was heavenly (as you can see in the snaps). We rode out towards the NICE road and got onto a nice quiet section. There Samim n Gang spoke about some facets of group riding. A few questions were asked. Unfortunately it was already 9am by this time and some folks had to leave (see if only we had stuck to time)

After this we did some amount of instructed group riding and headed back around 10:30am.

Overall was loads of fun. Got to meet some fresh faces, and got some good tips on how to ride in a group.

snaps of the event hereshot by Aravind and myself.

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