Critical Mass and TfN kickoff

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Some good stuff happening in Bangalore this week that we have to be a part of, encourage and nurture.

Critical Mass

The second critical mass in Bangalore.

A cyclist in Bangalore ? Time to come out and ride with other cyclists and carve a piece of the road for yourselves – peacefully of course.

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TfN kickoff invite

The Tour of Nilgiris has been the buzz in town the last few weeks. Every weekend we have had hoards from the TfN gang at BOTS – getting stuff done, helping others and generally chilling out !

Here is a formal invite to the TFN kick-off. Come and ride a short distance with the 50 odd bikers who are gonna spend the next 7 days chilling out in the Nilgiris.

Nilgiri’s Annual Cake Show, St Joseph Indian High School Grounds

# 2 Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore 560001

on 25 December 2008, 6:30 am

its December – the time of joy n happiness.

Make sure you are a part of it all. Spread the word !

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