Effective Group Riding

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Effective Group Riding

Samim is going to have a session on effective group riding.

Time: 6:30am

Place: Intersection of Ring Road and Kanakpura road (the famous Family Mart Junction)

When: Sunday, 21 Dec 08

come in biking gear, all set for a 1.5 hour ride on the NICE road. Any bicycle will do

P.O.A – Meet up at 6:30am. Quick theory session (10 – 15 mins) and then its all on the bike.

To the few who dont know Samim

  • If there is anyone around here who we can expect to see in the Tour de France, its him.
  • he ran all the way to Mumbai (all 1100 km of it) and then cycled back to speak out against global warming.
  • races for a prominent racing team in Bangalore.
  • cycles to Mysore and back – for fun :)
  • and more…

all in all one of our most solid road bikers yet.

As usual – please do leave a comment if you are interested in this with some contact info if we need to change plans.

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