Cycling in Central Park – New York City

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a shot of a biker in Central Park, New York city – shot by Harsha

Over the last year or so we have seen, met and spoken to hundreds of bikers. Bikers from Bangalore, outside Bangalore and outside the country too. We have been writing about biking, dealing with bikes and trying to push biking in Bangalore City. And I thought things were good.

Until I experienced biking in New York.

Wow. Central Park is a sight to behold. There are hundreds (Im not kidding) of bikers, on really good bikes, with really good equipment – all racing. These are normal day to day people, who go for their day jobs, but don their biking apparel in the evening and bike out ! I just cannot imagine this scene in India. Anytime soon at least.

There are lot more battles to be fought

  • Cheap bikes wont get you there. People need to be educated.
  • Easy Access to good stuff – bikes, equipment, people, trainers etc etc
  • Events to spur such investments
  • Overall awareness about fitness.
  • More brands to enter the Indian market and increase competition

Things which fill me with hope when I compare New York and Bangalore

  • A common misconception that cycling is dangerous in India because of lack of cycling lanes and crazy traffic. The traffic in New York is equally crazy and I dont see too many cycling lanes here too.
  • A Trek here costs pretty much what it would cost back home.

Some more time. And we should get there.

some more pics (not great. Promise to get better ones soon)

More cycling pics here and here

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