Kanakpura exploratory – 13 Apr 2008

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Kanakpura Exploratory – 13 Apr 2008

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A very nice short ride.

We biked a distance of around 40Kms from the starting point (Family Mart, Kanakpura Road)


  • Go straight on Kanakpura road until you see a sign board for Trans Indus, around 9 Km from Family Mart.
  • Take a right to get onto village roads.
  • Ride on till BGS international and take a left.
  • From this point on the area has loads of trails that can be explored.

    We just took one trail and went till a small temple on a hillock (fantastic climb)

Just two punctures. Not bad. Luckily we were equipped.

Its getting hotter these days. Need to make sure we carry water even for the shorter rides !

The ride was sealed with a fantastic breakfast at a fellow bikers place. Thank you Madhu. Nothing like steaming Idly-dosa-coffee/tea after a nice ride.

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