Sarjapur – Ride Report – 6 Apr 2008

Rohan Kini Uncategorized

A chilled out ride, where the most strenuous bits were getting to the starting point and back home after the ride :)

Overall we did around 50Km. Some brilliant terrain and some ok-decent terrain. Lots of inviting off roads deviations were ignored with great difficulty as we had to get back by 10am. Should go back and explore more !

Small group too. Just 6 of us landed at the starting point by 6am. (Ok. I was 5 minutes late, and had the ‘privilege’ of treating the group to breakfast). Ashwin unfortunately had a puncture even before the ride started and gallantly decided to not to hold back the group, and dropped out of the ride. Thank you Ashwin – we were a shameless bunch and just carried on at your suggestion :)

Pictures From the Ride

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