the Killer ride :)

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We made a mistake of not stopping for a quick breakfast and some of us paid for it with cramps and dehydration.

Moral of the story – eat sensibly before you leave for a ride. And during a ride, eat before you feel hungry and drink before you feel thirsty. If you are riding hard and start feeling pangs of hunger and thirst you are already going downhill. There is no looking back.

The terrain has changed quite a bit from the last time we rode this route. Parts of the route are getting tarred and some bits which used to be fantastic off road material have been converted into fantastic fast riding roads :) But the good climbs remain the same and this is what the route is all about – climbing.

Some stats for the ride

Distance: 115 km approx

Time taken: 6Hr 37 mins

Average: 17.5 Kmph

Pictures from the ride

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Elevation Profile

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