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A fantastic ride !
9 of us in all ( which is great considering a start time of 6am ) of which 4 were new to the group. Awesome. Always a pleasure to meet new bikers. :)

The plan was to ride around 60km on nice roads and get back to Bangalore by 10 am.

What actually happened was that we saw a nice irresistible trail en route, that called out to us and before we knew it we had trashed our original plans of a road ride and were hammering it out on the trail :) After around 30 Kms of trail riding and a dozen punctures ( Im NOT kidding, we ran out of patches towards the end ) we decided to hit the road and did 40 Km of road riding.

Looks like all you have to do is get to some railway tracks and you will find some superb biking tracks to ride along the railway lines. Villagers will make em for you and the single trail is perfect for riding a bike ! Just make sure you get a good bike for these kinda rides, bad one will ensure you have a miserable time. This is where good bikes and bad bikes get sorted out :)

Some pictures of the ride. (snaps taken by Raghu and ROhan)

To call this ride eventful is an understatement. 11 Punctures on the ride and counting. One of the bikers just called to inform that he just discovered a slow puncture on his bike and I have a sneaky feeling I am going to have a flat front tire in the morning.

But It was worth it !

All in all we have a group of 9 folks all expert at fixing punctures now :). We timed the initial ones too. It took us less than 4 mins to swap out a bad tube with a good one but then it took us another 6 pump in air _. Apart from that we did a bit of formation riding _(to avoid the head wind), did a bit of off roading, on road biking, long fast stretches, slow riding (because of punctures). Very eventful indeed !


  • Total Riding time – 3Hr 54 min
  • Total Distance – 77km
  • Max Speed – 52.5 Kmph
  • Avg Speed – 19.5 Kmph

[have tracked the path using a gps, will upload the gpx file sometime soon]

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