Bike Fit Session by Specialized

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From a casual rider to someone who is pushing the limits of body/mind/machine – a bike fit ensures a comfortable, efficient, injury free ride.

Although a good rehabilitative sport cycling can be injurious because of its repetitive nature – and because of bad equipment and ignorance!

We intend to fix the ignorance bit for starters.

Vijay, a professional bike fit expert from Specialized is currently in India to fit the Specialized KYNKYNY Cycling team on their beautiful new machines (drool!)

Vijay - Specialized body geometry bike fit
Vijay Varadarajulu (in black) at work

And you have him for an hour at BumsOnTheSaddle for an informal chat about bike fit – what he does as a bike fit professional, about bike fit and maybe even about his experience fitting the Specialized India team.

WHAT – A 1 hour session on/about Bike fit by Vijay at BumsOnTheSaddle
WHEN – 10 March (coming Sunday morning)
FEE – a pint of beer for Vijay ;)

We dont have place for a lot of people. If you are interested in attending please do sign up immediately.

Some Good stuff


Specialized KYNYNY Cycling Team talking about their fit experience