Finding and fixing creaks and noisy bicycles

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Its Tech tuesday at Pinkbike and they have a very good writeup on finding and fixing creaks in your bicycle Definitely a must read. How we quieten noisy beasts Tools required Your noisy bike Allen keys Grease Degreaser A clean cloth Torque wrench Some patience and an open mind Procedure Understand if the noise is rhythmic or sporadic. Rhythm indicates …

BBCh 9 | Road Race | 16 Oct 2011 | Race to Nandi Top

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A quickie post about the next awesome bicycle race in Bangalore – Race to Nandi Top! Race route: Siva’s road – Nandi arch Distance: ~50 km Time: 0730 hrs Register for the race here This is one of the most awaited races of the season and it would be awesome to have a lot of riders racing this. Please do …

It’s Monday! Lets watch some awesome Bicycling!

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Its a Monday! Let’s indulge in some awesome Bicycling. We would also be watching these on our bigass wide screen @ BumsOnTheSaddle. Whoohooo! Everyone is welcome to join. More the merrier :) Stuff we are watching (mostly, depending on time and interest) Gnarly Metal Biking in slow motion Dirt Vert and Chai STUND Season 3 Episode 1 & 2