The Wonder

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This Hero Thunder has parts from so many other bikes that Shree Kumar had aptly nicknamed it The Wonder :) Good ol days!

Champions of Bangalore

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2010 Champions – Naveen Raj and Manjula Sridhar The Bangalore Bicycle Championships (BBCh) 2010 culminated with a fantastic Crit and also the crowning of two new champions – Naveen Raj (Men) and Manjula Shridhar (Women). Our heartiest congratulations to both of them. There was some hard work behind these wins. Snaps of the Crit race (on facebook) by the BOTS …

Good powerful lights for your bicycle

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Good lighting systems are a necessity as you start looking at more than just a ride around the block. Its one of the must buy accessories along with a good helmet. We have worked hard to get the best possible lighting systems for bikers here. While there are loads of them out there, these are tried, tested and recommended by …

BOTS Supports

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At BumsOnTheSaddle we firmly believe that the bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems, and we love to support folks who actually make an effort to make a difference. The Glass Half Full, a research oriented social adventure sees a team of two (WiebkeAnka Koch and Kalyan Akkipeddi) on cycles covering around 12,000km of …

BBCh #11 The Grand Finale of 2010

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We are thrilled to announce that the season’s final race will be a Criterium Race on the beautiful and green campus of the Raman Research Institute (RRI) on Sunday the 19th of December. RRI is a relatively small campus with narrow roads and tight corners. This will make for an exciting and exhausting final race where Naveen Raj and Gaurav …

YouTube can

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Fixing a flat or replacing a tube looks easy on YouTube or when someone else is doing it. Its pretty frustrating when you try it for the first time. Especially if the first time happens to be on a hot dusty highway. Its a “You Tube can

The Art of Washing your bicycle

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Dedicated to all those grimy bikes that come to BumsOnTheSaddle How to Wash Your Bicycle from Rebecca Jensen on Vimeo. Washing is not just to make your bike look good, its also critical to ensuring your bike rides well. Most of what is used in the video is available in India. Ping us if you need alternatives or if you …

Cycling at Pecha Kucha, Bangalore

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<div style="width:425px" id="ss_6012809”>Get your bums on the Saddle<object id="sse6012809” width=”425” height=”355”> View more presentations from ROhan Kini. We recently presented at the Pecha Kucha nite held at Jagaa . Was fantastic to re-introduce something as simple and awesome as bicycling.

Bangalore Brevets

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Love long distance riding and think doing a double century on your bike is pass