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BOTS Bike School - learnings bicycle mechanics in Bangalore/India

In today’s fast paced life, it’s quite important to handle basic maintenance without having to visit your local bike shop for small issues. Our bike maintenance workshops will get you thinking like a bike mechanic and build your confidence to work on your bicycle.


Our basic workshop — Basic Bicycle Maintenance (BBM) — is free for everyone. Run twice a month, we aim to teach basic terminology, riding best practices, basics of bicycle ownership, fixing a puncture and more.

You can also opt to deep dive by signing up for our advanced sessions, the Advanced Bicycle Maintenance sessions, to study major sub systems in isolation and discussing how to troubleshoot and fix.

  • Call out terminologies of various parts of a bicycle
  • Cleaning, Lubing & Fixing all parts of Drive train (Rear & front derailleur)
  • Cleaning, Lubing & Fixing all parts of Brake (Rear & front)
  • Aligning a minor – moderate bends in wheel
  • Wash your bicycle like Pro-mechanics
  • Box & Un-box your bicycle for domestic & International travel

Our workshops benefit everyone who owns & rides a bicycle — road bikers, mountain biker, bicycle touring enthusiasts, etc. It’s not designed for a specific bicycle / style of riding. Heck, it even benefits non-riders who are simply curious to learn more about bicycle mechanics!

Our Basic Bicycle Maintenance sessions are conducted on the 2nd Saturday & Sunday of every month. Advanced Sessions have specific dates

  • 14 May: Advanced Bicycle Maintenance | Brakes
  • 20 & 21 May: Basic Bicycle Maintenance
  • 27 May: Advanced Bicycle Maintenance | Front Derailleur
  • 3 June: Advanced Bicycle Maintenance | Rear Derailleur
  • 10 & 11 June: Basic Bicycle Maintenance
  • 18 June: Advanced Bicycle Maintenance | Basic Wheel Truing
  • 25 June: Advanced Bicycle Maintenance | Boxing & Un-boxing

Sign-up for our workshops here –



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Bicycling events in May in Bangalore

May is an exciting month! As a company we have decided to stay a lot more connected, share more awesome cycling and work harder on inspiring our fans to ride their bikes. Also ride a lot more as a company.

Going forward, you can find ALL cycling events that we conduct on our events page –

Our weekly rides are designed for individuals of all skill levels. Our ride leaders are knowledgeable, personable, and care about helping you achieve your riding goals.

All Saturdays (6AM) – kick off from the Specialized Concept Store

We will be hitting trails every Saturday. A suspension on your bicycle is recommended, mountain bikes preferred. Always Want to give mountain biking a shot? Here’s an opportunity to explore and learn from more experienced mountain bikers.

All Sundays (6AM) – kick off from the Specialized Concept Store

We’re hitting Tarmac on ALL Sundays. A majority of interior rural roads, we aim to cover about 65kms up & down. Road (or Hybrid) bikes recommended. Mountain Bikers are welcome to suffer too :)

BREAKFAST RIDE – kick off from BOTS Jayanagar
Sunday, 7 May (7:30AM)
Sunday, 21 May (7:30AM)

A casual city ride to enjoy the joy of cycling! Suitable for beginners. All non-motorised wheels are welcome.

Remember, Helmets MUST for all riding!

ps: we’re constantly on the lookout for ride leaders, energetic happy folks who are keen to increase the cycling population in the city by helping grow quality ride opportunities in Bangalore city. Keen to join us? Let us know! We need you!


Sunday, 7 May (5:30PM) – Specialized Concept Store, Infantry Road

A fantastic opportunity to meet Vivek Radhakrishnan and hear about everything that transpired leading up to him finishing the 2017 Paris Roubaix Challenge – his training, nutrition and strategy to tackle the roughest cobbles on the Pro racing circuit.

Saturday, 13 May (6:30AM) – MTB demo rides inside Turahalli forest followed by breakfast and brand launch at BOTS Jayanagar
Sunday, 14 May (10:30AM) – Demo rides of all Bergamont bicycles

Yup, the awesome German brand is back and with a bang! Awesome bikes and some truly kick-ass pricing.

20 May, Saturday (11AM) – BOTS Jayanagar
21 May, Sunday (3-4:30PM) – Specialized Concept Store, Infantry Road

These sessions teach you the basics on bicycle ownership. We’ve been running them free of cost for years to ensure the cycling community in Bangalore comes across as the smartest cyclists in the country! Folks love it and we would love to share this with every single biker in the city. Share the word! Its free and its awesome.

14 May, Sunday (3-4:30PM) – Specialized Concept Store, Infantry Road
27 May, Saturday (11-12:30PM) – BOTS Jayanagar
28 May, Sunday (3-4:30PM) – Specialized Concept Store, Infantry Road

The Advanced Bike Mechanics workshops are technical sessions that teaches mechanical fundamentals of bicycle repair for home maintenance of your bicycle. Learn to think and operate like a bicycle mechanic! Must attend for anyone keen to do some DIY maintenance on their bikes

28 May, Sunday (8PM) – BOTS Jayanagar

Casual get together to watch a cycling movie! These are typically BYOB and generally quite not-so-boisterous. Always nice to share a slice of cycling happening elsewhere in the world.

Remember, we’re quite active on Facebook & Instagram. Do follow us and let us know what you like and don’t like!



April 23, 2017 by Jacob John

The idea of flying across India with your bicycle might seem a bit intimidating, but it isn’t so if you know how. It is perfectly feasible to take your bikes on most airlines, the rules and regulations do vary from carrier to carrier. Most airlines require you to bag or box your bike, very few just allow you to remove the pedals, deflate tyres and turn the handle bars around.

Do watch the video on how to box your bike. Much simpler – visit your local bike shop for a professional touch and to also ensure your bike is safely packed and protected from scratches and any damage.

Tools you might require if you’re doing it at home

  1. Basic bicycle care – make sure your bike is clean before packing it!
  2. Pedros 15mm Pro Pedal Wrench
  3. Multi tools – to take apart and put together your bike at the destination


  • Photo ID is mandatory.
  • Weight (volumetric or actual, whichever is higher) of the box must not exceed 150 kilograms.
  • The bicycle packed must be clean and the tires MUST be deflated.
  • A declaration form mentioning that the box contains a non motorised bicycle and contains no batteries.
  • Packing must be airworthy – no protruding or sharp contact points that might damage other articles around it.
  • Be present 3 hours prior to departure for completing the documentation procedures.
  • Double check with the airlines for insurance before flying.


Name of the Airline Cost/Kg Maximum Box Dimension Reporting Terminal at Bengaluru International Airport Customer care
Jet Airways Rs. 88/kg 84 x 84 centimeters Jet Airways Cargo Terminal, Gate 2 08066784539
IndiGo Airlines Rs. 56/kg 100 x 100 Centimeters Menzies Cargo Aviation Terminal, IndiGo Counter 08047406002
Air India Rs. 59/kg 125 x 182 Centimeters Air India Air Freight Terminal 9480825154
SpiceJet Rs. 62/kg 122 x 89 Centimeters Shuttle 2, Menzies Cargo Aviation Terminal 9916010098



Some boxes end up occupying a LOT of space whereas the product ends up being very light (eg a Helmet). Volumetric weight is a pricing technique for commercial freight transport, which uses an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of a package. Do keep in mind, companies use the heavier of actual weight vs volumetric weight while billing you.


Although not really necessary with bicycle tyres because of its small volume, its something most airlines insist. Leaving tyres inflated helps protect both tyre and rim from damage when the bike is handled/thrown around. Aim to reduce tire pressures by about 10-20PSI before boxing the bike.



Jet Airways :

  • Cost – Rs.88/kilogram + Rs. 500 as a documentation fees + 15% as service tax.
  • You are required to to be present 3 hours prior to departure for completing the documentation procedures at the Cargo terminal, Gate 2 at the Bengaluru International Airport.
  • Jet Airways provides you with a 0.5% insurance on the value of the bicycle.

For further enquires on flying with your bicycle one can get in touch with the Jet Airways Cargo Terminal, Bangalore – 08066784539

Indigo Airlines :

  • NO declaration form required from IndiGo Airlines.
  • Cargo’s weighing between 1-15kgs is charged at Rs.2500 (Inclusive of all taxes) however, if the weight is more that 15 kgs the cost of carriage will be Rs. 56/kg.
  • You are required to to be present 3 hours prior to departure for completing the documentation procedures at the Menzies Cargo Aviation Terminal, IndiGo Counter at the Bengaluru International Airport.
  • IndiGo Airlines does not provide any insurance.

For further enquires on flying with your bicycle one can get in touch with the IndiGO Airlines Cargo Terminal, Bangalore – 08047406002

Air India :

  • Dimensions of the box must be within 125x182x119 centimeters with the total weight NOT exceeding above 150 kilograms.
  • Cost – Rs. 59/kg + Rs. 1000 as documentation fee + 15% service tax. For packages exceeding above 45 kilograms, it will calculated on a volumetric basis and the cost of carriage will be calculated based on the actual volumetric weight.
  • You are required to to be present 3 hours prior to departure for completing the documentation procedures at the Air India Air Freight Terminal in the Bengaluru International Airport.
  • Air India provides a 0.5% insurance after declaring the actual value of the bike or, you will be eligible for Rs. 450/kg without declaration.

For further enquires on flying with your bicycle one can get in touch with the Air India Airlines Cargo Terminal, Bangalore – 9480825154

SpiceJet :

  • Packages below the volumetric weight of 50 kilograms is charged Rs. 3000 + handling charges. For packages above, will be charged and calculated according to the actual volumetric weight where the cost will be Rs. 62/kg. Total weight must not exceed above 150 kilograms.
  • You are required to to be present 3 hours prior to departure for completing the documentation procedures at the Menzies Cargo Aviation Terminal, Shuttle 2 at Bengaluru International Airport.
  • Spice Jet also provides transporting services for your bicycle from home to the airport for an additional cost.
  • Spice Jet does not provide any insurance.

For further enquires on flying with your bicycle one can get in touch with the SpiceJet Cargo Terminal, Bangalore – 9916010098



December 20, 2016 by Debajyoti M


Newly launched for 2017, the Specialized Alibi is a very interesting ride – solid tires, no more punctures and filling in air!

Newbies don’t seem to fathom the significance of this but cyclists love it.

Solid bicycle tires have been around for a while but Specialized is the first major cycling company to roll out an urban commuter with solid tires. Like all other Specialized products, we love the attention to detail that’s gone into making the Alibi the perfect urban ride.



An upright, uber comfortable ride with solid puncture proof tires and a rust proof chain screams of reliability and convenience. The Body Geometry (what is Body Geometry?) contact points – saddle, grips and pedals – differentiate it from every other bike in this category by providing high quality components where it really matters vs gimmicky drive train bits-n-bobs to open up wallets.

A good bike shop, brand and budget are important considerations while purchasing a new bike. But one of the most important decisions is to ensure the ride experience matches your riding goals. (Read more about how to choose a good bike)

The Specialized Alibi is well suited for certain rider profiles. If you’re still unsure, please reach out and our bike specialists will be happy to help

  • Beginner / Hassle free ownership (YES, YES, YES!)
  • Urban Commuter / Commuting & Ridng in the city (YES!)
  • Neighbourhood Fitness Rider / Sub 30km rides (YES!)
  • Distance Fitness / above 30kms (MAYBE NOT, Go for the Specialized Sirrus)
  • Endurance Rider / looooong distance riding (NO! Go for the Specialized Diverge)
  • Performance Rider / speed is all that matters (DEFINITELY NO! Go for the Specialized Allez)



03-specialized-alibi-india puncture proof tires
The Specialized Alibi comes with the Nimbus Airless tires, made from micro closed cell polymer resin using a unique foaming technology. The solid tires have comparable weight to tire, tube and rim tape combination. Yup, no extra weight just because you’re riding solid tires! The tires are secured onto the rim by a locking pin system to avoid tire roll off. Specialized has worked extensively with a leading solid tire manufacturer to come up with this patented system to ensure rider safety.

Expect 4,000 – 4,500km from the tires and we do have replacements incase you need to change the tires. Once the tires wear out they can also be replaced by standard tires & tubes. The valve hole in the rim is covered using a small branded sticker to maintain aesthetics. Talk about attention to detail!

The freedom of riding a bike without worrying about tire pressure or pinch flats is absolutely amazing. The solid tires also save you a ton of money cause you no longer need to own a floor pump, hand pumps, tire levers, patch kits, spare tubes, a saddle bag to carry all this and the expertise to fix a flat in the middle of somewhere. Just ride the bike!


06-specialized-alibi-india comfortable bicycle saddle

The bike comes with the Specialized Milano unisex comfort saddle. Gel padded to ensure the upright position is well supported to offer a comfortable ride even if you’re not in padded cycling gear. While we see women specific saddles only on women specific bikes, the Alibi comes with a unisex saddle to ensure a wider audience for this bike. An upright position with a relaxed lower back, easy handling and much better visibility in traffic. The saddle is also highly reflective on the rear. Brilliant idea!

specialized alibi flat awesome pedals

Wide platform pedals for use with a wide variety of footwear and extreme stability while pedalling. The bike is easy to pedal in sandals, running shoes as well as formal shoes! With all that body geometry fit information flowing into Specialized HQ, the bike comes installed with pedals with an inbuilt varus angulation to ensure anatomically correct riding posture. Specialized shoes come with this technology and it’s good to see it trickling into their pedals.

Body Geometry Contour lock ring grips to spread the load on your palms and ensure a very comfortable ride even without gloves.


The bike has a very very comfortable cockpit. The short stem ensures a nice responsive ride even though the handle bars are comfortably wide! The golden bell is a very pleasant addition. Very useful and loud in an Indian setting where the bell/horn is an extension to your steering as you ride thru crowded cities.

The handle bar houses just 1 shifter for the rear derailleur as the bike does not have a front derailleur. Clean & simple.


An absent front derailleur has cleaned up quite a few things on this bike. Reduced complexity for beginners and commuters, lesser cables all over and lesser moving parts on the bike is always a good time.

The basic 7 speed freewheel is also a good add with a nice big megadrive cog to help climb steep flyovers. These Freewheels and 7 speed chains are cost effective to replace and available pretty much everywhere. 7 gears are more than sufficient for everything an urban landscape can throw at this bike.


The bike also comes with a solid alloy chain guide which also doubles up as a trouser protector! These are typically flimsy & plastic which break over time and leave classic commuter grease marks on your nice trousers. The guides also ensure that the chain can never ever fall off the front chainring.

The rust proof chain comes with anti rust coating on the chain and bolts. Extremely useful for those rainy commutes when the last thing you want to do after a gritty wet commute is to first wash, dry and lube your bike before you hit the showers.



Cyclists across the globe are extremely conscious about how they look on their bikes! Move over tech spec, matching components and kit is even more critical. The bike looks good and has a ton of matching Specialized gear. Internal routing maintains a clean, neat look. The slick golden bell stands out on the black contrasting handle bar.

Most new riders miss how good hardware on bikes ensure the bikes last much longer and are much easier to maintain. This bike comes with top notch hardware – stem, bolts, handlebar, seat post, topcap, pedals, brakes.

The bike screams of low maintenance and simple gearing for city usage with the anti rust coating on chain and bolts and the aluminium frame lends a light ride. The steel fork offers sturdiness and some level of vibration dampening. Compatibility with the Specialized Stix headset spacer mount and rear rack mounts on the frame add to the versatility of the bike.


From our experience, a lot of riders stop cycling when bikes breakdown or have a flat tire. We’re hoping this bike changes everything for that rider! Its all about enjoying your ride.

Seasoned commuter Satish describes this ride perfectly – ”I found the first ride to be slightly bumpy compared to my older mountain bike. A couple of rides and I have no complains now. If no one told me that these were solid tires, I wouldn’t have noticed it. I am faster and more comfortable on this and don’t bother about flats during my commutes!”



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Kurt Kinetic trainers and Zwift training anywhere in India. Online sales


It’s fantastic weather to be out riding but there are those grey days when you just-cannot-hit-the-road and a nice bike ride around the neighbourhood is all that you need to complete a perfect relaxed day.


You’re one of those who enjoy a hard ride on your bike! FTP, VO2MAX and a burn is all what you crave for!

We’re super excited to work with the good folks at Kurt Kinetic to showcase the latest in virtual reality in cycling. Hop onto your bicycle at your time to enjoy your ride!

Group rides and races with riders from across the world or simply get onto your bike and enjoying a personalised fitness session. All from the comfort of your home.


Experience the simplicity of our Kurt Kinetic trainers and get a chance to interact with our product specialists to understand how this can make a difference to your riding.

Call on (080) 41143064 or (080) 41505583 for more details.

SATURDAY (17 Dec), 3-5PM

SUNDAY (18 Dec), 3-5PM
BUMSONTHESADDLE Infantry Road / Specialized Concept Store

More event details on Facebook

DEMO DAY OFFER: Avail Rs 2,500 off or a kick-ass 0% EMI program for any bookings done over the demo weekend.

kurt kinetic trainers online India


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