March 18, 2015 by Rohan Kini

fixed collective - the fixed gear party

This is a invitation for the 2nd Fixed gear party – The Fixed Collective.

An initiative by BUMSONTHESADDLE to share our love for fixed gear bikes and to showcase some of the best fixed gear and single speed bikes in India.

This time we are going to be showing off not one but 3 awesome brands

  • Pure Fix Cycles – we love these guys for making some of the slickest looking bikes out there! Beautiful and affordable
  • Fyxation – another good brand thats now available in India which brings us good quality reliable fixies. Frames too! Tons of happy riders on these too.
  • SCOLARIAN BIKES – the latest kid on the block. An Indian cycling company thats all set to launch their brand at this party. The bike designers will be there to talk about the product, talk about the process and share how exciting it is to bring a product to the market! We wish them the very best!


  • 8:00PM – Music and party in on!
  • 8:20PM – Launch of Scolarian bikes
  • 8:40PM – Test ride of all fixed bikes
  • 9:20PM – Set out for a night ride to the designated watering hole that Craig Raynes points us to! Get your bikes or your skate board!

Check out the event on facebook (link)

Shashank Ck – 9611314804
warning – Shashankh loves to ride fixed and might be injurious to your N+1 bike equation!


How To : The Quickie Bike Wash


March 14, 2015 by Akshat Khanna


There is nothing that can motivate one to go out and ride than a well maintained and clean bicycle. A rider who takes care of his bike is rewarded not only with the pleasure of getting to know his machine well, but also ends up saving quite a bit of money on replacement parts and frequent visits to your local bike shop for problems which could have been easily avoided!

Why should I do a Quickie bike wash?

So before we get into detail regarding how to do a quickie bike wash, lets discuss why one needs to do so in the first place!

Grime and dirt collecting on the drivetrain components like the chain, cassette, derailleur jockey wheels etc not only reduces the overall efficiency of the rider, but also leads to faster wear and tear of the components due to all the grinding between the metal and the dirt.

Mud and dirt collecting in and around the brake pad area will have the same effect on other components like the rims of your bike (for rim brakes) and the brake rotors (for disc brakes).

So the bottom line here is – Give your bike some love and attention from time to time with a quickie bike wash and you could avoid having to spend exorbitant sums of money on replacement spares more frequently than you would have anticipated. And hey! These spares don’t come cheap now do they?!

What are the things I will require for a quickie bike wash?


How do I go about doing a quickie bike wash?

Step 1 – Mount your bike on a workstand

It is important that the bike is stable while you are working on it. In case you do not have a bike stand, you could either flip your bike over, or rest it on its side stand (if it has one)

Step 2 – Drivetrain cleanup

If one is short of time, the first (and maybe last) thing that they need to clean on their bike are the drivetrain components (chain, cassette, front derailleur, rear derailleur and crankset).

  • Spray liberal amounts of Finish Line multi bike degreaser on the drivetrain components. The degreaser will break down the dirt stuck in hard-to-reach corners of your bike; like the space between the cassette sprockets, the rollers of the chain and the jockey wheel pulleys.
  • Run the rag cloth through the chain and use the Pedros Pro Brush kit to brush off the dirt on the other drivetrain components.
  • Repeat the above two steps once more if required.
  • Use a mild soapy solution of pril and the rag cloth to get rid of all the excess degreaser on the drivetrain and then using a mug of water to remove any soap deposits on the drivetrain.

Note – You could also use the Pedros Chain machine tool for a hassle free and accurate cleaning of the chain on your bicycle. (link)

Note – Do not use a pressure hose to clean the bike with water. Water might seep into the wheel hubs and cause damage to them. Just using a bucket of water and a mug should suffice.

Step 3 – Cleaning the rest of the bike

After cleaning the drivetrain, if you are not short of time, use the sponge and the mild soapy solution of dish wash to clean the frame and rims of the bike. Make sure to get rid of all that soap on the frame and wheels using some water at the end of it all. Again, do not use a power hose for this purpose

Step 4 – Lubricate your chain

Apply an even coating of the Pedros Ice Wax (in case of riding in dry weather conditions) or the Pedros ChainJ (for riding in wet weather conditions or for trail riding) on the chain.

Using the rag cloth, lightly wipe of any excess lubricant on the chain.

Note – It is always better to lubricate your drivetrain at least a night in advance before you head out riding again so that the lubricant can settle well in between the chain’s rollers.

And Voila! You have yourself a clean and swanky looking bike!

How often should I give my bike a quickie wash?

Well this is a very subjective thing and depends on a lot of factors. The weather conditions, on-road or off-road and the frequency of riding are some of them. As a rule of thumb, the moment you find a lot of muck building up in and around your drivetrain, that would be a good time to give your ride a wash.







March 9, 2015 by Shashankh CK


My name is Shashankh C.K. I have been cycling for about 6 years as an avid commuter, a trail junkie and a roadie.
Commuting on my bike is one of the most exciting things I do everyday and I love long road rides too. I had the Bergamont Sweep 4.0 for a week and have documented my experience here


Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015 The Bergamont Helix 4.0

Starting from the frame, the alloy lite tubing coupled with the urban geometry makes for a quick and comfortable urban ride. A rigid alloy fork helps the handling stability while remaining light and enjoyable. The cables run below the top tube making a standover super comfortable. Important as we wait the long 180 sec waits at traffic jammed city signals.

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

This bike is quick on acceleration and the Schwalbe Spicer tyres compliment the sweep perfectly and maintain momentum on those long flat stretches. Boring converted to exhilarating! Like all other hybrids, the 700C diameter of the wheels allows you to cover larger distance with lower power output and is super useful on both fast city commutes as well as long distance rides. The stock Shimano spec hubs are a tried and tested masterpiece, they will not disappoint.


Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

The Bergamont Sweep 4.0’s drivetrain is no slouch either. It runs a 3×8, a Shimano top swing, dual-pull up front and the Shimano Claris rear derailleur which in pretty sweet in the hybrid world. The big tooth crankset (48/38/28T) gives you a big chainring with enough teeth-power for pulling you on those long rides. Shifters being the Shimano Rapidfire plus, get you out of those tight spots in traffic and shifting is a breeze.

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

The brake levers on the other hand do feel a bit slouchy but are effective! At the lever it may be like you’re not really braking but the rest of the brakes (calipers & cables) do their job really well to help you stop when you want them to. They may not be the best in terms of precision but definitely to their job.

Important bits-n-bobs – the contact points!

  • GRIPS – They feel thin almost like i’m holding the handlebar directly. I would love a beefier grip like the on on the older version of the Bergamont Sweep which helps dampen the vibrations that the flat bar gives out. The ride would have been far more comfortable if I was running more comfortable grips. I would give the grips a 4/10

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

  • PEDALS – are not metal but seem durable and have a large surface area – light and rider friendly. I give it a 6/10

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

  • SADDLE – BGM COMP – simply put is really good. Like most good saddles it stays out of the way and allows you to enjoy your ride and forget about a painful bottom! The saddle was pretty comfortable on a long ride too!

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015


Overall, like all other bikes from Bergamont, this is a well crafted machine that rides really well for the experience it is marketed for. The bike has the right compromises that we at BUMSONTHESADDLE believe in and is one of the better brands that does focus quite a bit on the frame quality to enhance the ride experience vs just gimmicky component spec.

If you are looking for a slick, light weight, reliable, speedy bike to ride around every day, do your office commute or to attempt those weekend fitness rides – this is perfectly suited for you!

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015


Shashankh works as a bike mechanic at BUMSONTHESADDLE, doing what he loves best – working on beautiful bikes and ensuring more folks are enjoying their ride! He is currently part of our warehouses team ensuring we supply the best bicycling equipment to the best bike shops in the country.



March 9, 2015 by kanth

Bergamont helix 4.0 full bike

“With the growing popularity of two-wheeled commuting and increasing enthusiasm for hitting the trails on the weekend, Bergamont’s Helix 4.0 is a great bike for both that and beyond”

My name is Kanth, Prem Kanth! I’ve been commuting by bicycle for the most part of my life. Commuters go through lots of obstacles on their bike with different seasons, detours because of road maintenance, road conditions that go from smooth as a baby’s behind to borderline warzone, slushy mud puddles, and what not! It could be the same route every day but a different experience every ride. Hybrids have been a popular choice for most commuters. Cross hybrids always take you a little beyond commuting and Helix 4.0 is the perfect example of a bike that over delivers!

Bergamont helix 4.0 top tube

Bergamont understands you’ll never build the perfect bike from just a smattering of good components. The German precision frame is what brings it all together and makes the difference. At the heart of the Helix 4.0, is a lightweight aluminium alloy frame (6061-lite tubing), with a straight gusset up front and beefy down tube for extra strength. The Helix 4.0 has a cross-sport geometry frame which doubles up as your commuter. Like most cross hybrids, it is a stable bike yet very responsive. It offers you quick acceleration on tarmac and smooth grounds with a healthy serving of agility, which pushes you to try out the pavements on your day-to-day office commute or experience your favorite trail over the weekend. The bike will limit you on the more adventurous trail exploits though. The frame is well finished, with neat welds and the practical inclusion of mudguard eyelets. Bear in mind though that you’ll need a disc specific rack.

In India the bike comes in 46 and 52 cm frame sizes with size specific handlebar, stem and crank set, which allows the bike to be set up perfectly for the rider. All of us are built differently, with size specific components, the riders feels a lot more comfortable on the bike. The Bergamont Comp Sport foam saddle offers a pliable feel that springs back to shape, adding comfort on both your city rides and trails. The wider handlebar offers you better maneuverability on trails and the 15mm rise offers you comfort on the long rides. The double density BGM comp grips goes better with a cycling glove on trails.

Bergamont helix 4.0 saddleBergamont helix 4.0 shifters
The Helix 4.0 comes with good 8-speed drivetrain components. It has Shimano’s new Alivio M4000 rear derailleur and Acera M360 front derailleur, which offers you smoother shifting even under load. The Shimano Rapidfire Plus shifters ensure you have no qualms in shifting to higher or lower gears quickly, on trail, on the road, up climbs or down descents.
Bergamont helix 4.0 Rear Derailleur


The Helix 4.0 comes with hydraulic disc brakes with a 180mm rotor in the front and a 160mm rotor at the rear. The front 180mm rotors offers you better braking power when you are descending on a trail. The hydraulic disc brake system offers more confidence than V-Brakes on trails and on a rainy day. The Suntour NEX suspension fork irons out all the small bumps, cobble stones and mild trails debris. The Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres goes well on any terrain. It rolls effortlessly on road at higher tyre pressures.



Bergamont helix 4.0 braking

It would have been a marginally better bike on the road, if the fork came with a suspension lock-out. The grips are hard and are best used with a good pair of gloves. There are no frames available for riders below 5 feet 4 inches.

Overall, it is a versatile bike which allows you to be Mr. “Burn-fat-not-fuel” commuter, or a “fun-is-out-in-the-woods” weekend trail rider or an “I-am-a-machine” endurance rider!



March 7, 2015 by Payal Kini

Keen to be a part of our women’s initiative –

A fantastic morning riding with the ladies.
15 women in all. 15 AWESOME women!

We had two lovely gentleman Dayanand and Richard join us on our ride, supporting their ladies and the other women riding this morning. Thanks for joining us guys!

The plan was to ride 15 km in a loop of 10km + 5km. A comfortable 10 km loop starting from our Jayanagar bike shop, riding around all the gates of Lalbagh then a 2.5 km stretch down the gorgeous tree lined Nanda Road. A relatively flat road, with no crazy inclines. We did have pockets of morning traffic on our second loop, but everyone rode confidently. The debrief before the ride came quite handy, going over the do’s and don’ts of group riding ensured we stayed safe without doing the crazies on the roads! We rode at an average of 18 kmph riding harder the second loop.

Some pictures of the ride (snaps taken very kindly, by Richard). Felt extra special with someone keen to capture this women’s initiative.

I guess the energy of riding together rubbed off each other and we pushed to ride a 20.7 km! The ride ended at the local idli joint – serving the best, softest, fluffiest idli’s and some deadly red and green chutney. In all a perfect morning out riding with other women! Looking forward to more women riding in the Saturday’s to come.

Ride Stats

A very Happy Women’s day from BUMSONTHESADDLE to all the Women out there. Come ride with us, we reckon women who ride are AWESOME!

See you all on the 21st of March at 6:15am to ride at 6:30am!
#‎BOTSWomen‬ Ride


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