October 13, 2016 by Suraj LN Swamy


If you have been riding your bicycle for over a year, we are sure your thought will be at getting into training or coaching to improve your cadence / average speed / climb timings on our pilgrimage Nandi hills or the deadly kalhatti climb / ability to sprint faster — If have you not been thinking so, probably it is time to step up your cycling goals. The year 2017 will be filled with events for you to take part in. To name a few popular ones, as below:

The event listed above need solid preparation and attempting any of these without a structured plan is surely not a good idea. Some of the common pitfalls for riders have been: fatigue at the early stages of the event and/or injury to muscles & ligaments.

Preparing for the event involves the following:

  1. Understanding your current fitness level by either getting a FTP (Functional Threshold Power) / FTH(Functional Threshold Heart rate) / RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) test
  2. Designing a training program taking into account your current ability with fitness, over all muscle flexibility & goals you want to reach
  3. Complimenting the program with adequate & proper nutrition, rest & equipment
  4. Evaluating the progress of your training as the event you have been training for is inching closer (a month before)

With a growing number of rider in Bangalore & across India taking part in various events in India & abroad, we have made it our goal to help all of you achieve better results and stay injury free. Our partnership with Yoska performance coaching has enabled us to design coaching plans for various type of cycling goals. Here is a intro into the program:

  • Personalized cycling program which caters to people of all fitness levels (newbie to seasoned cyclists) and for anyone above 14 years
  • Detailed workout instructions would be delivered via an online platform with weekly virtual information, clarification sessions along with instructions on available training routes
  • Focus on all facets of Cycling – Workouts, Nutrition, Rest, Equipment
  • Provide detailed instructions for everyday and workouts ranging from endurance rides, intervals, hill repeats, recovery rides, etc
  • Caters to Power Based Training or Non Power Based Training depending on your bike having a power meter or not

Now talking about the benefits of having a training program. To name a few, as below:

  • Structured Training and Workouts focussing on the key areas for building endurance and strength for meeting your goal
  • Overall development with improvement on core and conditioning to avoid injuries
  • Guidance on Pre, Post and Training Nutrition including race specific information
  • Guidance on bike equipment, accessories and access to experts over group interactions

The thought about: “I Need a power meter / Heart rate Monitor (HRM), before I begin”

We definitely agree to that trend of training using a Power meter and HRM has picked up and that your ride buddy / someone in your community has already purchased one.

Here is something you need to know if you worried about that thought. Power meter & HRM deliver metrics during your training and surely aid you in getting accurate data points. But you can still train on basic time and RPE (rate of perceived exertion). Our training plan and the workouts are defined to handle those scenarios also.

Here is our program especially for the upcoming Nandi race on 19th November:

You can call us on 080 4150 5583 for details on how you can conquer Nandi / Kalhatti.

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October 11, 2016 by Suraj LN Swamy


With over a year of experience in providing Start Line Support at races & brevets, we at BOTS Tech have complied a list of top bicycle maintenance tips to ready your bicycle for the day of the event. Below are our recommendations in the order of M-check:

Quick release & hubs: Make sure your hub has bearing that are in working condition. Old bearings & stale grease can create a lot friction causing you to loose speed and having to put out more effort to go up the climb. Quick release (QR) will need to be able to lock when put in place. If your QR is not able to lock, it is best you get a new pair to avoid mis-haps during the race

Wheels: The wheel has spokes, nipple & rim put together. AVOID racing on a bicycle with dented / wobbly rim, loose / broken / rusted spoke & nipple

Tires: This is the one thing (actually 2 things) that allows you to accelerate, corner, brake during the entire duration of the race. Make sure the tire has sufficient button / knob on it to be able to do all of that. AVOID have bald tires during race day — it will even lead to punctures

Suspension fork & rear shock: A properly working fork allows the wheel to stay in contact with the ground below. AVOID having suspension that is jammed / rusted / broken internal parts. If your bike comes with a fork with air, then make sure to top up to correct PSI. AVOID having too little / too much of air

Head set: A perfectly fitted headset will hold everything in place and allow you to steer the bicycle in the correct direction. AVOID racing your bicycle with lose headset, as this may lead to accidents during the race

Brakes: The braking system (mechanical / hydraulic) is composed of: Levers, housing, cable, calipers, brake pads. AVOID having jammed levers, bent / rusted housing & cable, jammed / rusted calipers & lastly worn out brake pads — failure in either of this will lead to insufficient braking when you want to

Drivetrain: The drive train is composed of: shifters, crank, bottom bracket (BB), chain, cassette, rear derailleur (you love this part of the bike — don’t you??), hanger & front derailleur. AVOID having jammed shifters, worn out crank tooth / wobbly crank, rusted BB, twisted links / rusted / stretched chain, slipping cassette teeth / rusted cassette, twisted rear & front derailleur, bent hanger. Any of these problems will lead to poor shifting when you want to either accelerate / climb

Saddle: AVOID having a bent saddle to keep up pain the lower back

If you see that your bicycle has any of these issues, then it is best to take it to your local bike shop to get it serviced. Remember! You want to enjoy you day the race venue and not curse your bicycle for the mishap.

Our tech services are available at Jayanagar & Infantry road stores to prepare your bicycle for the event you have been waiting to ride. Contact us on or call on 080 – 4150 5583 / 4114 3064 to book an appointment.

Are you running a event and would like us to provide Start Line Support? Get in touch with us on the above email / phone #.

BOTSPUNE Announcement: Closing Down Operations 9 Oct 2016


October 3, 2016 by Rohan Kini

Today we’re announcing that after two years of helping cyclists in Pune, we will be shutting down our Pune bike shop operations on 9 Oct 2016.

BOTS pune frontage

We’ve been present in Pune for over two years, and we’ve learnt bucket loads – running high quality bike shops in a new city, creating cycling communities from scratch, managing inspired teams across multiple locations and building processes to maintain the level of rider experience we desire.

What Does This Mean for our Customers in Pune

We aim to support all purchases with the help of local service partners while warranty & support will be handled by our capable e-commerce team who continue to support a volume of cyclists across India.

Support Details

  • Email:
  • Phone: (+91) 73497 83178

We continue to build a strong web presence ( with the goal of being able to cater to your every cycling need from the comfort of your home. We would love to continue being your goto bike shop via our e-commerce platform.

What Does This Mean for the Company

While it’s sad to say goodbye, we’re eager to refocus and continue working on projects that will impact cycling across India through our bike shops in Bangalore; and our Distribution and E-commerce effort.

We’re super proud of the community that has rallied around BOTS Pune; the close ties we have made and the cycling we have inspired.

Thank you! We loved Pune city. The large-hearted people, fantastic food, phenomenal riding and an opportunity for us to create new cyclists! Thank you for being a part of our journey and for supporting the business.

Ride on.




September 25, 2016 by Rohan Kini

People are important to us at BOTS. We aim to have a fantastic, motivated team capable of delivering a phenomenal experience for cyclists across the country.

We’re super excited to introduce a new member on our team – Nitin Areekal.

Nitin will be playing a Sales Representative role in our distribution business. He will be responsible for ensuring global cycling brands we represent (Specialized, Pure Cycles, Pedro’s, Ass Savers, etc) are available and fanatically supported across the best bike shops in the the country for your riding pleasure!

Welcome aboard Nitin.

nitin-areekal sales representative at BUMSONTHESADDLE

More about Nitin from the man himself

I love cycling !

I re-started cycling 4 years back have not been able to get off the bike once I got back on. As an integral part of the Calicut Pedalers Club, I’ve organised races, brevets and other cycling events. I was also a managing partner of a bike shop in Calicut, Kerala, and have quite a bit of retail management and sales experience.

Before cycling, I worked at Cadila Pharmaceuticals As a sales officer and have over 4 years of sales and distribution experience.

As a simple lovable person I like long rides, traveling and most importantly I love to eat! Football, swimming, music & running are my other passions.

nitin-areekal sales representative at BUMSONTHESADDLE

Nitin on a recent bike ride in Leh




August 14, 2016 by admin

Specialized Allez Sprint X1 | Bangalore, buy online

The Allez Sprint Comp X1
Buy Link:

A proper race machine, the Allez Sprint X1 Comp is more than ready for the demands of crit racing and heavy training. It’s constructed from E5 Premium aluminum with D’Aluisio Smartweld technology for an ultra-stiff platform, plus an S-Works carbon fork and a no-nonsense Rival 1 groupset.

Shot at the recent Criterium race at the Bangalore Bicycle Championships.

Both Frames and Full builds are available to be enjoyed across India –

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