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November 8, 2014 by Rohan Kini

Super excited to launch our latest project FIXIE INDIA

fixie india - single speed and fixed gear stuff for India

Fixie India ( is all about promoting and growing the fixed gear culture in the country. The scene might be nascent, but we intend to change that. We love riding these bikes and this is a simple way to share our passion!



We have an online space where you should have everything required to step into this world. We also intend to scout out and showcase fixie action across the country.

Want to be part of this team or want to reach out to us? Let us know via our contact page.

Read the entire post about the launch.



October 9, 2014 by Rohan Kini

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The last time I rode a brevet was in 2011, yup. Its been a while! 13 hours on the saddle was not a journey I was too kicked about! But then, the camaraderie, the achievement and the post-event memory were pretty great though.

Damn, coming to think about it, a brevet does hit the spot!

Randonneuring has taken off in India – ride clubs in almost every city you can name, tons of organized brevets, fantastic tooling to support randonneuring, some brilliant people who selflessly contribute time to promote this sport and juicy gossip and mud slinging too!

Yup, Randonneuring has definitely arrived. Folks love to talk about BRMs, SRs, endurance geometries and Bre’VET’s. And they put in the miles too.

Bangalore played host to the 1200kms “bliss in the hills” brevet today and 76 folks signed up to ride this. 76! Unbelievable. A far cry from the handful of folks who had the bums to endure the 1000km a couple of years back.

Was great to see off the 40 folks who did manage to reach the start point and kick off this epic journey.

We wish each and every one of them (and the folks who made this happen) the very best. May your passion just grow brighter!

Some Vignettes from the start:

We had a slightly delayed start, with 39 riders finally starting at 3:07. We had lots of outstation riders from Chennai(big bunch), Hyderabad, Pune, Goa, Ahmedabad. The bunch has two 1200 finishers (Opendro, and Srinivas) and quite a few 1000 finishers (Chiddu, Deepak,Ashok,Sandeep,Kalpesh,Karthik, Jayaprakash,Dipankar)

We were worried about the rain (lack of), but it did rain before the last rider #40 started off at 3:28. Looks like it is going to be a fairly wet ride this time.

We had some nervous moments waiting for the Brevet cards, courtesy Karthik (of the Legendary 1000+200 ride), looks like he had stopped to take a nap before starting the ride.

Silvester swore he will not ride with Chiddu and Karthik at night, during the 600 Ranebennur ride in November, he was riding with them,and they kept stopping every hour to take power naps through the night.

Suman was worrying about out how fast he needs to drive, to ensure he gets to the manned control ahead of Dipankar and I was worrying about how early I need to be at the end control which opens on friday morning. We are thankful Rajani is not riding, else we he would have finished on last friday.

- Parag





October 2, 2014 by Payal Kini


Its been a few weeks since my previous long ride (which one?) and this Saturday ride (link) would be perfect with everyone out of Bangalore holidaying over the long weekend!

The prev ride proved that being prepared pays off when clocking in longer distances. Indicators were my sore bum, aching palms and cramped quads that did a good mexican wave on the last 100km ride!

To save you the post ride agony here’s a quick checklist of essentials to ensure you’re a happy-chappy post the Saturdays 60km.

WATER for hydration – A couple of bottles on your frame. Use a secure bottle cage, these are designed to hold your bottle tight but designed for easily removal too. A good single hand squeeze bottle ensures you’re hydrated without having to stop frequently. Stopping often kills your pace! Word of caution – Aquafina screw tops…errr, not so rider friendly. I ride with two bottles, one electrolyte and the other simple ol’ H2O.

FUEL Quick bites stuffed into your cycling jersey(note).
A banana /energy bars/chikki/DIY fuel balls

Golden Rule “Drink before your thirsty and eat before your hungry!”

COMFORT Fingerless gloves + apparel surely take you a long way. Cycling specific shorts were life savers!! Using women’s specific cycling shorts with well fitted chamois protects important bits. Man or Woman, good cycling shorts top the list of important things to own!

ENTERTAINMENT Phone – Some foot tapping beats(feet on the pedals pls!) to keep you company. I use Strava, a fantastic app! This tracks my ride and lets me be apart of the community of riders. Sign up with the BumsOnTheSaddle riding community on Strava (link)!
(Editors comment: We don’t encourage listening to music when you are riding!)

CONVENIENCE A saddle bag a. k. a my BOTS wedgie – Bits and bobs you will need to support you and your bike. A multitool/puncture kit/tyre leaver/money/phone (Not confident with fixing a flat? Lets hope a good Samaritan rides by!)

COMMON SENSE Cash and some ID – dough to buy more bananas/coconut water and that wholesome breakfast post ride. I always carry some ID – worst case scenario, JUST SAYING.

Quick checks to ensure your bike is in good condition

  • Pump up your tires to the right tube PSI (squint and you’ll find this on the tyre)
  • Lube – your chain loves some too!
  • Check shifting – faulty gears are a bit annoying.
  • Saddle height – to power your ride to perfection!
  • Bike lust -Polish and shine – I love to ride a sparkly bike!

Eat some good carbs the night before and see you’ll Saturday morning!

Saturday road ride - small





October 2, 2014 by Rohan Kini

zombie apocalypse night rides

Once a month we run something called the Zombie Apocalypse Ride. Also called the Amavasya Ride or fondly the MLONR (Moon Lit Over Nite Ride)

The goal – ride all night! Off Road! Yup – not for the weak-hearted.

Keep an eye on our events page (link) for this ride that pops up once a month. Typically this is on a Monday night and we prefer full moon nights.

Thats when the magic happens, is what we hear.


Start around 9:30PM from BumsOnTheSaddle Jayanagar
Finish around 6:30am at BOTS
Distance: About 100+kms

This ride has been Murali Dharan’s baby and here are some Murali’s recommendations:

  • Bike with a front suspension
  • 38C tires would be great
  • Fuel for the ride (we take about 3 breaks)
  • Patch kits, spare tubes, mini pumps
  • Gloves and helmets mandatory
  • Good lights on the bike with spare batteries
  • First aid for yourself and one more person
  • At least Rs 300 (luggage charges for a bus trip back to Bangalore if required)

The ride can be chilling at times. Previous rides had stories about rustling bushes and unseen animals enroute!

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