BBCh14 Tarmac Race #3 – 48km Team Time Trial | Bangalore Bicycle Championships


April 8, 2014 by Rohan Kini



Event Details

  • Start: Emerald Isle Resort main gate on the Old Madras Road, 18 kms after K R Puram hanging bridge
  • End At: Opposite lane of Emerald Isle Resort main gate on the Old Madras Road
  • Total course distance: 48 kms
  • Race referee: Vasu Mishra (Mug:
  • Race director: Suman Paul (Mug:

Course preview

  • 7 km mark – watch out for an intersection
  • 22 km mark – a fly-over approaching a small hillock
  • 23 km mark – you get a HP Petrol station on the left hand side with a Cafe Coffee Day outlet
  • 23.5 & 23.7 km mark – BBCh markings on the road indicating the U turn coming up
  • 24 km mark – take the U-turn


A fun podium from 2010

Team Time Trial: Rules & Regulations

Teams may be made up of a minimum of two riders and a maximum of four riders at the start of the race.

Team times will be based on the following;
a. If 4 riders start, the time will be based on the third rider at the finish
b. If 3 riders start, the time will be based on the second rider at the finish
c. If 2 riders start, the time will be based on the second rider at the finish

Women, Masters and under-18 teams must include only riders from those individual categories, however, any of these riders can ride in Open category teams.
There will be no championship points earned by the individual riders. Teams with more than four riders can submit a second (and third) team to race the TTT.

More on the points system, rider conduct, support vehicles etc are all explained in the awesome BBCh race rule book –

Race notes

  • It’s a pretty even and smooth road surface which is mildly rolling.
  • We will have a volunteer at the U-turn point where water will be available. Water and refreshments will also be available at the finish line.
  • Riders are expected to be on self supported race mode including mechanical fixing, flat fixing, carrying their own toolkit, towing of the cycle if required etc.
  • Emergency ambulance support will be available (Thanks to Sita Bhateja speciality hospital and Spectrum Physio. You guys are awesome!)
  • Any rider can contact the race director through a specified BBCh phone number which will be active ONLY on race day (07406-998925)
  • Riders are expected to read and understand and adhere to the rules of the race available on the website (
  • The race referee reserves the sole discretion of analyzing any situation during the race and his opinion will be considered final
  • Registration is strictly on-line ( and no spot registration will be allowed

If you would like to get in touch with the the core team, please do shoot us an email at

BOTS2BOTS: How about attempting a 100KM ride this weekend?


April 1, 2014 by Rohan Kini

Over a 100 doing the 100 – thats our dream! To get loads of folks who have never attempted a 100km on their bikes to give this a shot.

A big thanks to Anil Kadsur for working with us to make this happen! According to Anil, this is a ride to get that paradigm shift of doing 100 kms …. and get the feeling of “wow i can do it”.

Plus we have a fantastic and apparently famous breakfast buffer for the folks who would like to have a mid point break at Kamat Lokaruchi.

Good company, a weekend, good food and a long rolling ride – sounds perfect right!

100k ride



Date: 5 April 2014, Saturday
Start from: BOTS Infantry Road (map)
End at: BOTS Jayanagar (map)
Ride Start Time: 6:15AM (assemble at 5:45AM please)
Sign up link

Remember to join the BOTS ride club on STRAVA and record this ride!

We would also be posting a tip a day which should hopefully make the ride a lot more pleasant! Naveen, our resident ride expert, will be doodling out the cool ride tips!

TIP 1:

100km ride tips - Tip 1 by bumsonthesaddle

Media: Lokesh from Specialized Kynkyny Cycling team – Believing in pedal power


March 30, 2014 by Rohan Kini

FYI – content loading from Facebook, might take a teeny-eeny bit longer to load. 

Win an autographed Specialized jersey and some Specialized goodies


March 21, 2014 by Rohan Kini

Want to win a kickass autographed Specialized jersey? Well, here’s your chance!

STEPS to take home the jersey

  1. Visit BumsOnTheSaddle Infantry Road (the Specialized Concept Store) tomorrow (22 Mar, Saturday) and take a picture as shown below
  2. Share your awesome award winning moment on Facebook and Instagram and start harvesting some ‘Likes’ from your buddies
  3. The image should be tagged – #SKCT
  4. The one with the most number of likes on Facebook + Instagram wins the jersey
  5. “Like” harvesting ends Sunday mid-night

Specialized hashtag contest

What if I’m not in Bangalore :( ?

Well, we definitely love our fans outside Bangalore too! The first person to guess which member of SKCT is in the original photo wins a white SKCT cotton T and a Spesh bottle!




Media: The believe so they bike – BumsOnTheSaddle on New Indian Express


March 11, 2014 by Rohan Kini

BOTS Media - They believe - so they bike

read the article online 

Blast from the past – a nice writeup on some BOTS history, why and how we started out and some brand philosophy. Also a really old image of Rohan Kini riding a Trek 1.1, the first sold in Bangalore in all probability, at the “bike shop on the roof top” terrace BOTS.

Fun days.


Who ever thought that wanting to beat the Bangalore traffic to work on bicycles would turn into a career-altering choice? An engineer by profession (studied at RVC, Bangalore) and having spent close to 8 years in the IT sector — Infosys and Thoughtworks — Rohan Kini believes that cycling can make people fitter and happier — a goal around which he shaped his venture

- read the entire article on New Indian Express

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