July 23, 2014 by Rohan Kini

what is a fixie - bumsonthesaddle The following writeup is from the extremely awesome blog (link) maintained by the good folks at Pure Fix Cycles. Who better to introduce the concept of fixies than the very folks who design and make em!

People talk fixie this, fixie that. But do any of you really know what a fixie is? I do! That’s why I’m going to attempt to describe to you what these beautifully simple transporting devices are.

Fixie is short for fixed gear. What does fixed gear mean?

Well, it means that the cog is directly tied to the motion of the pedals. Let me explain. You know that little gear thing attached to the back wheel? It has a bunch of ‘teeth’ on it and the chain rotates around it? That’s the cog. On a fixed gear bike, that piece doesn’t have a bearing in it and it is fixed to the back wheel. Typically, these cogs would have a ball bearing system to allow the wheel to spin independently of the cog. On a fixed gear bike, this isn’t so.

So, on our bikes, if you pedal forward, the bike moves forward. If you pedal backwards, the bike moves backwards. You might ask, why would I want to do something like that?

Well, riding a fixie has grown in popularity because of its fundamental simplicity. Let’s just say it would be tough to build a bike with fewer parts. You might know where I’m going with this, but fewer parts means…lighter!

Fixed gear bikes are significantly lighter than 9 speed all-terrain bikes, etc. It’s not all for show, either. Riding fixed allows you dramatically improved maneuverability. Riding fixed, in many peoples eyes, is the most fun part of their day. You feel attached to the bike (which you are, sort of). Since your pedals are directly tied to the movement of the wheels, you’re much more a part of the bicycle than you are on a single speed cruiser or something of the like.

Another advantage of riding a fixed gear bike, besides the increased maneuverability and lightness, is its efficiency. Fixed gear drivetrains are more mechanically efficient than any other bike, with the most direct power transfer from rider to the wheels. Efficiency means energy and highly efficient means our bikes require less energy from you, the rider.

- read the rest of the article on on the awesome Pure Fix Blog

Cycling is awesome




July 21, 2014 by admin

At BOTS, we are kicked about inspiring Indian’s to give cycling a shot. And to continue playing an active role in this awesome life-altering journey.

Putting people on the best possible bikes is an obsession. Good bicycles make you want to ride em all day long, the ride is typically the best part of your day and they definitely leave you feeling happier.

In short – Good toys are great. Bad toys are well, bad toys.

life is too short to ride shitty bikes

Crazy exchange rates and a steep anti-dumping duty has unfortunately made good bicycles expensive.

THE SOLUTION – is NOT to settle for a cheaper bicycle! They are just not as awe-inspiring as a well designed product.

You could consider a second hand bike (check out the awesome Indian cycling marketplace) or look at renting a bike (bike rentals) before you jump the gun and invest in one.


You ride your dream ride today with some financing help from BumsOnTheSaddle.

bicycle finance options - India from BumsOnTheSaddle

THE BOTS BICYCLE FINANCING program is focused on getting you riding your dream ride today! Our process is simple, fast, and affordable. We would be happy to help you every step of the way, explain all the options available and help you determine which financing plan works best for you.

The BOTS BICYCLE FINANCING Program offers multiple bicycle financing options – 12, 24 and 36 month tenures. The rate of interest is around 8.8% per annum.

There are no last minute extra costs or additional fees. If you’ve financed items in the past you were probably surprised to find that when the final loan documents were presented there were certain fees and processing charges added to your total cost. There are no additional fees or costs with any of our financing options.

Good bikes tend to be expensive. Financing a bike purchase and spreading your payments over time allows you to maintain financial flexibility, better cash flow and at the same time enjoy the ride of your lives!

Financing also gives you the opportunity to consider new and better technology rather than having to settle for a bike with downgraded componentry or a pre-owned or used bicycle.

We have a very simple process with in store staff that would be happy to help thru the decision making

1. Review our bicycles and determine which model fits your needs.

2. Understand the total cost of your bicycle and the financing options available for the bicycle. The minimum amount that can be financed is Rs. 40,000 per loan.

3. Fill out and submit the offline credit application along with required documentation. Approval time takes on an average 2 working days to be approved. Longer timelines to be expected in case of bank holidays.

4. Once you’re approved, we’ll contact you and work out the details of your purchase.


BOTS Finance option on the websiteEvery bike that is eligible for finance has all relevant details on the individual bike pages on the BOTS website.

If you need more details, just get in touch with the BOTS team!

Cycling is awesome




July 15, 2014 by Rohan Kini

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Three passionate cyclists roll out successful business models that help them keep up with their love for the sport while encouraging others to do so too

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SEVEN: The BC Bike Race Movie & Shamala send-off


July 7, 2014 by Rohan Kini

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shamala kittane
Shamala is also off on a 6 month sabbatical after spending a year at BOTS churning out hundreds of happy bikers! She is headed off to learn the arcane art of frame building in the US-of-A.
We wish her the very best and are waiting for her to come back and kick off frame building at BOTS.



July 6, 2014 by Payal Kini

Specialized women specific bicycles in India

Kicked about riding a women’s specific bike after having ridden for a year on a MAN bike!

13 months ago on a warm morning I did a massive climb, a climb wait for it…. on the intermediate ring road flyover! Every pedal stroke was an added curse as Prem pushed me to go over and past that flyover! That was me on a mountain bike riding to get to breakfast, a total MIGHTMARE!

A few weeks later…
I pushed myself with my riding, was fortunate enough to borrow Harsha’s lovely Trek 1.5, a road bike as he fell ill (“But I’m so glad you recovered Harsha”).

That’s when an affinity to riding fast, strong and efficient began! Its quite a feeling, zipping past folks with ease and agility, looking dainty on a road bike.

Weeks after being busy at work and months after being a tad lazy (Harsha got better and took his bike back) I decided I had to have my own bike! A no brainer, I jumped on to a Specialized Road bike a few days back and I experience it for the first time on last night’s NIGHT RIDE.

I’m completely blown away by the speed the bike gained as I pedaled with ease. Perfect for my physique, the smaller women’s specific handle bar ensures I’m not shoulder sore post ride. Having ridden around on larger frames in the last 13 months, each ride would leave my muscles tight and neck aching keeping me away from my bike and riding till I felt better.

My new aspire helmet had hair management sorted! The pony-tail sat high streamlined through the hairport (read more) on my helmet. If you’re a sweaty rider, you’d love this as it keeps your hair off your neck, staying cool! The single adjustment strap is another plus.The rotating dial controls the fit on the crown on my head. Snug, safe and sorted!

A Sore Bottom (yeah, intentional capitals) personally is a deterrent while cycling. The pain/agony on the last leg of a 80km ride caused by sitting on your bums for too long was something I thought was meant to happen. Going by the saying “No Pain, no Gain”! Or so I thought… quite kicked to put my women’s specific saddle that apparently is engineered to my sit bones(bum bones) to test on a longer ride!

Clocked in a 27.4km ONLY.
Although a shorter ride Looking to ride a lot more!


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