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BOTS Monsoon offer - well maintained bikes during the monsoons

It’s the Monsoons and riding in rain is a fun of its own kind. Despite water clogged roads & heavy downpour, commuters still prefer biking to work and us performance riders hate to stop riding because of damp weather! While we need that extra gear like a rain jacket our bikes needs some extra care and attention too.

Bikes ride best when bearings roll smooth and the bike is clean and well lubricated – all tough asks during the Monsoons! To keep it rolling smooth and to avoid grinding, major bearings need to be well packed with fresh high quality grease. If you’ve been riding regularly in the rain or if your bike has not seen a detailed quality service (check out the Technical Service section at BUMSONTHESADDLE) in a long time, the grease around the bearings is most likely non-existent or would have lost viscosity. Rain water with all the muck on the bike and on Indian roads will add up to a fine grinding paste all set to wear down your beautiful bike.

So how do you ensure your bike is Monsoon ready?

  1. The bearings in the hubs should be packed with new grease, the bearings and axle can be replaced if worn out
  2. The bearings in the headset should be well packed with grease
  3. The bottom bracket shell should be cleaned and re-greased
  4. The derailleur and brake cables should be lubricated for frictionless shifts and braking. And to also keep water out
  5. Grime need to be cleaned off the drivetrain and the chain well lubricated

You’ve got less to worry about if you’re bike’s running on sealed bearings. Once you have done the complete bearing service on your bike, you’re all set to ride your bike worry free through the monsoon season.

BOTS Monsoon offer - well maintained bikes during the monsoons

To make it easy, BOTS Tech has a special service offering for our monsoon riders. The monsoon service package comprising of

  • Drive train tune up
  • Brake set up
  • Cable housing service
  • Bottom Bracket service
  • Headset service
  • Hub repack

All at Rs. 1100 only

BOTS Monsoon offer - well maintained bikes during the monsoons

We are also hesitatingly introducing an ‘unlimited’ Monsoon wash package with unlimited bike washes for a duration of 3 months at Rs. 2500. Definitely a good deal to ensure your bike has all the attention it deserves.

ps: All the beautiful artwork executed by our awesome and talented bike mechanics. Yup, attention to detail!



June 6, 2016 by Rohan Kini

OffRoadAnarchy - Mountain biking in BangaloreThe BOTS Start Line Team

We offered Start Line Support at the Off-Road Anarchy: Mountain Biking Madness event today. Our ace mechanics ensured riders raced safe and our bike specialists were there to educate when required. Constantly improving on our Start Line Support offering to ensure events are better supported.

We also rolled out a few Specialized Bicycles and flags to ensure folks had an opportunity to ride the best!

OffRoadAnarchy - 22 copyStart Line – All set to kick it off!

While there’s always room for improvement, this was a well organized mountain biking event – great vibe, known faces, fantastic facilities and a good race route. Good elements to seed the mountain biking culture in our cities. DJ’s are not essential before a race, but they are!!

OffRoadAnarchy - Mountain biking bangaloreThe Podium – Shashankh CK (Team BangaloreMountainBiking 3rd place), Naveen Raj (Team Wheelsports, 1st place) & Muralidhar (Team BOTS, 2nd place)


Looking forward to working with the Off-Road Anarchy team to roll out more mountain biking races in Bangalore and up-ing the game a bit next time around.

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The BOTS Expert Series are sessions aimed to bring cyclists and experts together, in a inspiring setting, to impact cycling positively.

Click for more pictures

A fantastic sessionby Naveen John and Dr. Arvind Bhateja on how to hydrate and fuel your body while training and at events.

A big thanks to Fast & Up India for partnering with us to deliver this in style! Fast & Up have a wide range of products to enable athletes to train harder and ride harder.

Fast & Up is now available on the BOTS E-Commerce site. Shipped to the comfort of your house, any where in India. Cash on Deliver options available too!



April 5, 2016 by Rohan Kini

Quoted us as “Bums of the saddles”!!, but Deccan Herald did have some of the BOTS folks quote how cyclists can be safer on our hostile roads.

Good to see media starting to report on cyclists safety. Looks like the numbers are picking up!

BOTS on Deccan Herald - Safer cycling

For someone who cycles daily, Archana Sheshagiri, says that cyclists end up commanding their space on the road as they are not given this. “If you don’t demand it, you don’t get. Some concrete solution has to be figured out for this,” she says.

– read more online



February 4, 2016 by Rohan Kini

Strava has this real cool app to check how cycling/running has grown across 2014 & 2015 (link)

Cycling in India 2014 Cycling in India 2015

Really good to see that much more blue & red across India. Plus new hot spots popping up.

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