My name is Shashankh C.K. I have been cycling for about 6 years as an avid commuter, a trail junkie and a roadie.
Commuting on my bike is one of the most exciting things I do everyday and I love long road rides too. I had the Bergamont Sweep 4.0 for a week and have documented my experience here


Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015 The Bergamont Helix 4.0

Starting from the frame, the alloy lite tubing coupled with the urban geometry makes for a quick and comfortable urban ride. A rigid alloy fork helps the handling stability while remaining light and enjoyable. The cables run below the top tube making a standover super comfortable. Important as we wait the long 180 sec waits at traffic jammed city signals.

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

This bike is quick on acceleration and the Schwalbe Spicer tyres compliment the sweep perfectly and maintain momentum on those long flat stretches. Boring converted to exhilarating! Like all other hybrids, the 700C diameter of the wheels allows you to cover larger distance with lower power output and is super useful on both fast city commutes as well as long distance rides. The stock Shimano spec hubs are a tried and tested masterpiece, they will not disappoint.


Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

The Bergamont Sweep 4.0’s drivetrain is no slouch either. It runs a 3×8, a Shimano top swing, dual-pull up front and the Shimano Claris rear derailleur which in pretty sweet in the hybrid world. The big tooth crankset (48/38/28T) gives you a big chainring with enough teeth-power for pulling you on those long rides. Shifters being the Shimano Rapidfire plus, get you out of those tight spots in traffic and shifting is a breeze.

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

The brake levers on the other hand do feel a bit slouchy but are effective! At the lever it may be like you’re not really braking but the rest of the brakes (calipers & cables) do their job really well to help you stop when you want them to. They may not be the best in terms of precision but definitely to their job.

Important bits-n-bobs – the contact points!

  • GRIPS – They feel thin almost like i’m holding the handlebar directly. I would love a beefier grip like the on on the older version of the Bergamont Sweep which helps dampen the vibrations that the flat bar gives out. The ride would have been far more comfortable if I was running more comfortable grips. I would give the grips a 4/10

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

  • PEDALS – are not metal but seem durable and have a large surface area – light and rider friendly. I give it a 6/10

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015

  • SADDLE – BGM COMP – simply put is really good. Like most good saddles it stays out of the way and allows you to enjoy your ride and forget about a painful bottom! The saddle was pretty comfortable on a long ride too!

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015


Overall, like all other bikes from Bergamont, this is a well crafted machine that rides really well for the experience it is marketed for. The bike has the right compromises that we at BUMSONTHESADDLE believe in and is one of the better brands that does focus quite a bit on the frame quality to enhance the ride experience vs just gimmicky component spec.

If you are looking for a slick, light weight, reliable, speedy bike to ride around every day, do your office commute or to attempt those weekend fitness rides – this is perfectly suited for you!

Bike Review - Bergamont Sweep 4.0 2015


Shashankh works as a bike mechanic at BUMSONTHESADDLE, doing what he loves best – working on beautiful bikes and ensuring more folks are enjoying their ride! He is currently part of our warehouses team ensuring we supply the best bicycling equipment to the best bike shops in the country.

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