The Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres are essentially heavy duty, seemingly bullet proof ultra reliable commu-touring tyres that inspire unprecedented confidence without feeling sluggish or barge-like, as the 970g weight for a pair would imply.

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schwalbe marathon plus review from BumsOnTheSaddle. Available online across India

BumsOnTheSaddle would like to congratulate Sandeep Seth on finishing the Tour of Nilgiris 2014, one of the many customers of BOTS who took part in the tour this year.

We asked him what kept him going and what was the one thing that he didn’t have to worry about. His reply – “The Schwalbe Marathon plus kept rolling without a flat”.

Our conversation with him –

What were the expectation that was set with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires?
I had very high expectations with these tyres. Had read about these on the Bangalore Bikers Club that these were “bomb proof”

And they lived up to their reputation. A little high on cost but the satisfaction beats the high cost any day. Very satisfied!
The tires are not really meant for racing as they feel a tad heavy but are perfect for a peaceful long ride.

How would you describe the puncture protection quality of these tires?
No flats since I installed these on my bike (touch wood). And I have done over 1000 Kms now, not a very high number, but high enough to not get a single flat. Also it can handle low pressures and don’t have pinch flats.

What do you have to say about these for someone looking at long distance riding?
If you are looking for a tension free care-free ride and are ok with the cost, go for it! You can ride on broken roads and not worry about flats.

How was your experience of these tires on the tour?
Great! I never had to worry about getting a flat or be conscious while riding. Just focussed and enjoyed the ride.
On the racing sections I felt I was slowing down but that was only a small section of the ride.

Overall a very satisfying and comfortable flat-less tour :)


Thank you for sharing your experience Sandeep. We wish you plenty of puncture free riding. Wait – you already have the marathons! Doh!

schwalbe marathon plus puncture resistant tyres

Punctures are a memory. The SmartGuard layer made from a flexible, special rubber offers particular resistance to shards of glass and flints. Even a thumbtack cannot penetrate this protective layer. The SmartGuard belt does not increase rolling resistance and the marathon plus rolls as easily as a tyre without protection. How great is that?

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