Understanding when to service your bike will not only go a long way in ensuring a smooth ride but might also end up saving you a lot of money!

I use my bike 10 kms a day on average. I suddenly realized I am not riding as fast as I did when my bike was new! My brakes are no longer feeling sharp and snappy and the bike just feels ‘old’. The bike has also started making all these small noises the source of which I can’t figure out. My shifting has also become a little moody occasionally needing some extra pushing to make the gear shift! I see muck in areas I can’t reach.

– overheard today!

Definitely time to visit our kickass service centers at BumsOnTheSaddle and ensure your bike is rolling smooth!

Our professionally trained mechanics can recommend the right level of service for your bike to ensure the squeals are all sorted out, sluggish shifting fixed and your brakes ready for those quick start/stops in insane Bangalore city traffic.

Great way to get your bike ready for all the riding in 2014.

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