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We want more folks racing at the last MTB race of the season – the BBCH DIRT100 MTB Race.

As an incentive to get you out racing on your mountain bike we are happy to give you a 15% discount on some MTB essentials for the race.

  1. Helmets
  2. MTB Tires
  3. MTB Tubes
  4. MTB Tireliners
  5. Hydration – Bottles, Cages and Hydration packs

Duration: Thursday – Saturday (14 Nov – 16 Nov)

Location: Both the BumsOnTheSaddle stores – Jayanagar and Infantry Road

Small print – a.k.a ‘dont be an ass policy’

  • Offer is to encourage you to race. Which means you need to be racing this weekend to avail this offer. We will be there on the racetrack with an eagle eye :)
  • Offer lasts as long as the products last!
  • Would be great if the rider swings by and makes the purchase. We like shaking hands with you athletes.
  • Sensible max quantity rules apply – we want to give you a good deal to get your bum on the saddle this race. Not to setup your own bikeshop. If you like bikeshops please work with us.
  • The offer can be revoked, changed or modified at any point in time to ensure we dont get taken for a ride (cool pun eh)

Have a great race weekend folks!

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