BBCh 2 | 18th March 2012 | Turahalli | XC Race

Rohan Kini Racing


Race route shot by Rahul Thomas

Race Details

  • Type of Race: Cross Country
  • Distance: 3.1 km loop
  • Start Time: 7:30am
  • Kiddy race: YES, the kids will race!
  • GPS track of the race route
  • Downloadable brochure for the race
  • Registration link

The rider completing most laps within that time takes the coveted golden within that time wins the race in each category (Men’s Cat1, Men’s Cat 2, Women’s)

The winners will be taking home some awesome goodies from Camelbak, Sigma, The Sufferfest and more.

A big thank you to all our supporters for making these races awesome!

Driving Directions

Head towards Kanakpura on Kanakpura road.

You will pass by the Metro cash n carry on your right and Yellama Dasapa institure of Technology on your left. After the college keep an eye out for an SBI ATM on the left.

There is a wide road opposite this ATM. Keep going straight down that road till you see several bikers/cars gathered on your left.

Race route


The race route is awesome. Mostly single track – overtaking taking is gonna be tricky in a few places.

The route could be puncture prone, so please have your patch kits and puncture prevention strategies ready. Almost no sandy areas, but lots of hard packed mud – correct tire pressures and suspension setup could ensure you dont bounce all over the trail and perfect traction on the wavy sections.

There are a couple of short climbs with plenty of loose gravel on the trail. Helps to be seated on the saddle and weight your rear wheel and ride thru this section on lower gears.

Please sign up asap

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