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BOTS Biker of the week – Kishan Kumar

I bought my bicycle Trek 7100 on Apr 22, 2011 from BumsOnTheSaddle. I was told to get the bike back for a quick routine service within the first 3 weeks. That’s when I set my first target to cycle from home to work and back before this first service! Rohan’s encouragement and wifey’s confidence were great morale boosters!

I live at Vijaya Bank Layout off Bannergatta Road and work at Dell India R&D Center at the Bagmane Techpark in CV Raman Nagar. It is about 36 kms round trip.

I have cycled quite a lot during my school days but that’s a long time ago. Now, I’m 34+ with a less than fair focus on fitness. I had my feet on the ground though. I knew that I would need to consistently increase the distance everyday and taking one day at a time while practicing!

I had been using Runkeeper app for iphone to track my morning walks. I used the same app to track my cycling sessions (distance, pace, calories, etc). With this app and loads of music on the phone, I was all set for the job!

Initially I did 5-10 km rides exploring paths around my neighborhood. During the second week, I rode to Bowring institute on St. Marks road covering 24 kms round trip with a 3 hour break in between. That same weekend, I carried the bike to Mysore hoping to continue the practice. On Sunday morning, I covered 18 kms at a stretch which is the distance to my work place too! These two events gave the much needed confidence for the office ride.

I looked up weather.com and May 12th looked like a good day (less chance of rain). I left the laptop and change of clothes at my work place the previous day.

On May 12th, I started my ride at 7:10am happily covering the 18.5kms to my office in 55 minutes. I felt awesome and confident to get back home easily. Since rain was expected in the evening, I left around 2:30pm riding in the hot sun. It took nearly the same time but was completely exhausted when I got home. The target was achieved

As I complete this write up which happens to be my very first blog post, I feel great that I did my second ride to work and back today (May 18th). This time with much ease and less exhaustion!


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