introducing the Trek 7100

If its city riding that you are looking at, the Trek 7100 is the perfect bicycle for you. And at a very good price too.

The Trek 7100 is a Hybrid bicycle. A cross between a Mountain Bike and a Road Bike, with the best of both worlds. Its built to be efficient and fast, with a comfortable upright non-racing posture.

Pros: Durable, Great Components, Great Price, Lightweight, Comfortable
Usage: Commuting, Exercise, Pavement riding, Street Riding, Uneven Surfaces
Suitable for: Casual/Recreational or hard core commuting
Costcheck the site for the latest price

Going over the bicycle

Front suspension

A RST Neon T9, 50mm suspension – good enough for Indian roads.

The front quick release is a Clix, an award winning quick release technology. All recent developments in the bicycling world. Good to see good technology percolate to these kind of bicycles.

Rims and Tires

Alloy, Matrix 750 rims have a strong rim wall to make sure the bad roads dont put a wobble on them. The rims looked very impressive.

The bike comes with Bontrager Select Invert – 700×35c tires. When pumped to spec at 80psi this bicycle is a pleasure to ride ! Effortless. A massive difference compared to an MTB.

The tires are wide enough to handle bad roads, pot holes and sandy conditions. Unlike the MTBs these tires are noticibly efficient and unlike the road bikes these tires hold their stead on sand and bad roads.

Handle bar

The adjustable rise is a simple setting
Not as flexible ? increase the rise of the handle. Comfort is the key here.

The grips on the bicycle are very comfortable and ergonomic too. Very different from what comes on the MTBs.


An adjustable saddle with an alloy suspension. There is a preload setting for the suspension on the saddle and can be made stiffer or softer depending on your ride.

The Frame

Its an Alpha White frame and its light and sturdy. Ready to take a beating and definitely ready to take on bad roads.


We weighed the bicycle using a primitive analog weighing scale and it weighs round the same as a Trek 3700 around 13Kgs.


We are very impressed with the way the bike feels and handles. Its an extremely smooth and comfortable ride in city conditions and can take good roads and bad in its stride. The upright sitting posture is very comfortable. The bicycle is completely geared to be a good urban bicycle with even a bell thrown in ;) Light trails/bad roads are definitely doable, the suspension and the frame are built to take the beating.

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an Urban bike in the city – Finally

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