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More about Suraj by the man himself

I always liked cycles. The ‘like’ turned into a craze. Especially since I didn’t have a bike to ride when I was in my high school, St. Joseph’s Indian high school.

In order to get a ride I would use the school watchman’s bike or borrow a bike from my hostel mates.

I did manage to get my first MTB, a Hercules ACT 109, when I was in my degree and rode it to college and everywhere possible. I even wanted to ride till Coorg, but never did so.

At present I ride a Trek 1.1 but my dream bike is the Specialized Mclaren Venge.

About me: I enjoy cooking & watching cookery shows, Sports: Tennis is my next favorite after cycling. I still feel bad for Andy Murray when he cried at the Wimbledon final in 2012 :( Studies: Currently pursuing my CFA and I don’t see myself making a million buck any sooner; with the job and stock market crashing all the time.

Well that’s me – short and simple. I hope I bump into all you readers of this blog. I am very easily recognizable with a white patch on the back of my head.

Happy riding :)



Welcome aboard Suraj!

Surja has been pretty active with our night rides and on Facebook too. If you see a slew of awesome facebook posts, Suraj is the man behind it. Mostly ;)

Apart from that he is also working on up-ing the retail game at @bumsonthesaddle.

You can reach out to him at or just call the store [+91(80) 4123 3036] and say hi.

Others you might bump into at BumsOnTheSaddle


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