Trek Madone Wallpapers

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Find some exquisite Trek Madone Wallpapers here -> download link. With a sales pitch of – “Everything Else is History” the Trek Madone is one of the most sophisticated road bikes that Trek has ever rolled out. Over two years of development time and active feedback from some of the most respected names in the bicycling world is bound to …

A rockin Savandurga ride !

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Another rock-ing bicycle ride by the BangaloreRiders, to Savandurga around 60Km from Bangalore. We started from Family Mart on Kanakpura road around 5:30 am. Around 10Km on Kanakpura road we turned right and biked on mud tracks till we hit Mysore road, crossed over Mysore road and continued on mud tracks and smallish side roads till we hit Savandurga ! …

Bike ride to Savandurga

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Are you ready to stretch your legs ? The second ride by the BangaloreBikers Agenda: Bike (bicycle) till Savandurga (the largest monolith in south Asia), climb the monolith and then bike back ! When: 3rd June 2007 other details: join the group or ping us. Total biking distance should be around 120Km and the trek should last an hour ! …

bike Maintenance e-Book

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Have been meaning to write up a small ebook which has basic maintenance and how-tos to keep your bicycle in shape. Till then, check out this free 11 page ebook on bicycle maintenance from Sun and Ski Sports. Simple and nice. Click to download

ride to Bannerghatta

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With Nikhil down with a fracture and us trying to set up BumsOnTheSaddle, its been a LONG time since I went out for a longish ride on the bicycle ! Rode with the Bangalore Bikers today. We planned to ride from Family Mart on Kanakpura road to Bannerghatta and back. Around 50 Kms I guess, not really long but nice …

Running an Cycling !

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Quite a few folks who have picked up bicycles from us seem to be into running. Either as a part of RFL (Runners for life) or HASHers or just folks who love to run. Here is a very interesting article which talks about how to add cycling to your running training. (check out the article) Very interesting.

does your bike fit you ?

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Your bike needs to fit you, if not its going to be like one of those tight or overly loose T shirts that you just hate. Classic signs of an improper fit are lower back pain, numb hands and pain in the shoulders after you ride around a bit. Its not very simple to fit a bike when a customer …

Fenders for your bike.

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Its da Season when getting caught in a shower is inevitable ! If you are on a motor bike or a car it might be time to cuss as rampant traffic jams get even more impossibly rampant. Not on a cycle though, as long as you dont mind the occasional drenching ! But still, unless you like scraping mud off …

a week of riding around on the Trek 3700

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Currently Trek has only aluminum frames available in India, of which the 3700 is the most basic model on offer. The bike is not flashy, which is good. But if you look a little closely you notice stuff that should get your heart racing, if you are a biking enthusiast in India. Good components have finally made an entrance into …