bike to work ?

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Das paid us a visit looking for some bicycle accessories and before long we found a common interest – promoting the cycling community. Here

the new Trek 3700’s

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the new 3700 and the old 3700 The Trek 2008 models have started trickling through with some minor changes compared to the 2007 models. before and now The Bontrager seats are no longer embroidered. Hardly makes a difference to your butt whether the seat is embroidered or not, but looks like there is a conscious decision to cost the costs. …

Sept Shipment on its way

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getting a mass of bikes The September shipment of bikes is slated to reach Delhi in a weeks time, after which it should take a further 5 – 10 days to reach BumsOnTheSaddle !! If you have been waiting for a bike (or accessories), well … its gonna be here soon :)

new Trek 4300 shots

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Looks like the new Trek 4300s to roll into India are orange in color compared to the earlier Yellow. Same bike. Different color The Trek 4300 is the best bike to buy for folks just venturing out to pick up a good bike. Although pricer than the Trek 3700 the components and the frame on the 4300 make it a …

BumsOnTheSaddle on TOI

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Nikhil and I, with a few Trek bikes We were recently interviewed by The Times of India on the High End bicycle scene in India. You can read the article on Page 18 – New Business section, Times of India or read it on the TOI e-paper. My guess is that the biking scene here is gonna explode in a …

fuel Ex

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The all new Trek Fuel Ex is here (umm, not in BumsOnTheSaddle unfortunately). A good write up on the bikes is available on the Trek site along with a bunch of videos, and some really nice wallpapers. Dont miss the new Trek blog on mountain bikes – ‘King of the Mountain’. Its high time these bicycle manufacturers start talking about …

Saddle woes ?

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a beautiful leather saddle Bicycle seat a.k.a Saddle seemed to be quite an issue with folks at the BarCamp today. Sheldon Brown, who is quite an authority on bicycles, has something very interesting say – “A seat is something that you sit on, whereas a saddle is intended to carry some but not all of your weight”. Saddle setup is …

talking at BarCamp4

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the collective in action, discussing bikes BarCamp 4 is happening at IIMB this weekend. Attended the Bicycling In Bangalore collective. Was lotsa fun. It started raining while Nikhil and I were heading towards the venue. We just rode on and arrived all muddy and kinda drenched :) Sessions and proud owners Met lotsa bikers, friends and fellow riders :) Gyaan …

Lubricating the chain

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Happiness is a clean bike really really dirty One of the fastest ways to make sure your nice new shiny bicycle is converted into a piece of junk is to oil it, incorrectly. When oil and dirt mix up they form a deadly combination which is abrasive in nature. Lubricating a bike is very important, but the key is to …

How to Pedal

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Aware of how you place your foot on the pedal while cycling ? There might be a more efficient way. The most efficient way to pedal, would be to place the ball of the feet along the axle of the pedal, as shown in the picture above. This is a pretty common mistake that I see on the road though. …