YouTube can

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Fixing a flat or replacing a tube looks easy on YouTube or when someone else is doing it. Its pretty frustrating when you try it for the first time. Especially if the first time happens to be on a hot dusty highway. Its a “You Tube can

The Art of Washing your bicycle

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Dedicated to all those grimy bikes that come to BumsOnTheSaddle How to Wash Your Bicycle from Rebecca Jensen on Vimeo. Washing is not just to make your bike look good, its also critical to ensuring your bike rides well. Most of what is used in the video is available in India. Ping us if you need alternatives or if you …

Lubricating the chain

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Happiness is a clean bike really really dirty One of the fastest ways to make sure your nice new shiny bicycle is converted into a piece of junk is to oil it, incorrectly. When oil and dirt mix up they form a deadly combination which is abrasive in nature. Lubricating a bike is very important, but the key is to …