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There are days where you just don’t feel like taking your bike out for a ride, or it’s super chilly or snowing/raining outside, or you’re strapped for time and you really need a quick perk up from a ride, or an injury is bothering you, or you’re simply bored of riding all by yourself.

Well, we have some good news – you can still keep your fitness level up and get a great ride by working out on an indoor bike trainer.

Here a quick read up on the various bicycle trainers that are available

Wind Trainers usually have a fan that provides resistance. As you pedal harder, resistance increases.
Pros: Looking for budget tight then wind trainer is the best option.
Cons: Very noisy, with hard pedaling you can reach the peak resistance.
Eg: Kinetic cyclone

Magnetic trainers have a magnetic flywheel that provides resistance, which means your pedaling does not increase as your cadence increases. You can increase the resistance by shifting gears on your bike or by adjusting trainer’s settings.
Pros: Affordable options, less noisy than wind trainers
Cons: You will have to manually change the resistance by getting off the bike
Eg: Jetblack, Minoura

Fluid Trainers have a substance within the trainer usually silicon that offers resistance. The Most common type of trainers used by cyclist today
Pros: Provides better road like feeling compared to wind and magnetic trainers. You can control the resistance by changing gears on the bike. They are durable and can fit easily into a car without any hassle.
Cons: Inexperienced riders need to learn to balance and pedal smoothly to increase their cadence until they get a hang of it, can overheat up.
Eg: Kinetic road machine, rock and roll trainer, fluid trainer

Smart as the name indicates –They can connect and communicate with third party software land give you real-time data. They can be connected to third the apps like The most where the ride experience goes to all new different level.
Pros: Real-time data feedback is sent to the riders, using Eg: apps you can work on targeted workouts as recommended for you.
Cons: Expensive
EG: Kinetic rock and roll smart, Kinetic road machine, wahoo kickr, wahoo snap, Jetblack smart trainer

Direct trainers have raised the bar in cycling, here you have to remove your rear wheel, the system expects you to fix a cassette to the turbo.
Pros: You do not have to worry about wear and tear your Jet black, Very quiet.
Cons: Super expensive and only recommended for serious cyclist

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