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Types Of Indoor Bike Trainers :
  • Wind – In this type, the rider powers a fan that provides resistance (cheapest but noisiest)
  • Magnetic – In which a fixed resistance is offered by a magnetic fly wheel (quiet, but the fixed resistance is not ideal for many cyclists)
  • Fluid – In which Silicon within the unit offers resistance (quiet and offer more progressive resistance, but are pricier)
  • Rollers – This one is completely different from the other three. The unattached bike is balanced between three cylinders (challenging to master and use)
The Extras :

Keep in mind that purchasing the trainer might not be the end of your spending. Many cyclists end up buying a block for their front tire to level the bike off (trainers can lift the bike tire up an inch or so).

Also, due to the high amount of sweating done on a trainer, many end up buying a trainer mat to go under their bike.

What to Look For :

So what should a cyclist try to get to the bottom of when shopping for a trainer?

  • Functionality –  Is it easy to get your bike on and off the trainer?
  • Smoothness and Sturdiness – Some trainers are a little smoother than others. And of course, a cyclist’s pedal stroke can go a long way toward cutting down on the choppiness and instability aboard a trainer.
  • Noise –  Wind trainers aren’t super quiet like magnet and fluid trainers, but will that bother you?
  • Portability –  Is it small enough and compact to not occupy a lot of place in your home?
  • Price – How much are you willing to invest?

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