#LIVE THE TOUR with Specialized Bicycles and the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore

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view the Tour de France in India at BumsOnTheSaddle, Specialized Concept Store

  • 198 riders from the top 22 teams in the world, will begin the most epic of all bike races on the 5th of July.
  • For 3 weeks they will battle each other through the spectacular scenery and terrain that makes up the Tour de France.
  • Over the next 5 weekends we will be living the Tour and celebrating cycling with screenings, games, rides and more at the Specialized Concept Store on Infantry Road and the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore in Vasanthnagar.

There will be fun prizes for the winners at each event, and a special prize for the winner of the most points through all 5 events!!

5th July – 5.00 pm at the Specialized Concept Store, Bangalore
We demystify the tour with a mini workshop on bicycle racing, its history and how it all works. Screening of the Kick off, quizzes, games and more cycling fun! (event signup)

6th July – 6.00 am at Specialized Concept Store, Bangalore
20km fun ride from Specialized to AFB, breakfast at AFB (event signup)

12th July – 5-8 pm, Screening and games AFB cafeteria.
13th July – 6 am, Bastille day Century ride (100km), route yet to be announced.

19th July – 5-8 pm, Screening and games AFB cafeteria.
20th July – 6 am, 120km ride starting at Specialized and back.

26th July – 5-8 pm: Screening and games AFB cafeteria.
27th July – 5.00 pm Screening of the grand finale of the tour at Specialized, games and award ceremony for our local winners.

Whew! Thats some Tour action this year!