BumsOnTheSaddle Visiting Cards – nominated for the ABBY awards!


March 20, 2013 by Rohan Kini

bumsonthesaddle visiting cards
The BumsOnTheSaddle visiting card is good to fix 6 punctures!

How about that – our kickass visiting cards (new and top secret till now) have been nominated for the ABBY awards!

What are the ABBYs

the abbys - Oscars of the Indian ad awards to honour creative excellence in the field of advertising

The ABBY Awards are the Oscars of the Indian advertising awards to honour creative excellence in the field of advertising” – executed by The Advertising Club

How cool is that!

Neel and Vinod, brains behind this covert creative operation and advertising professionals at McCann Erickson, swear by the positive effects of cycling and how it boosts their creative juices!

They think design should be simple, meaningful and useful – which is what this card is all about. Each card is good to fix 6 flats.

A recent bike-to-work convert Vinod says that this is the card that he would like to get from his bicycle dealer!

Vinod started cycling to work daily once he started this project – We have already won our prize :)

  • Amazing! Honestly I would pay for a card like this :)

    And a thin strip of sand paper on the front side would add to it’s functionality :)

  • Sri

    Good one Rohan. One of the Bangalore riders and I were talking about this when I was there for the TTT. Nice to know that you’ve put it into action. And that’s a nice idea Glifford. How is your Bergamot? S

  • Cyclist Anand

    This is cheating.

    Its quite embarrassing to say it in public forum, but forced to say as I feel quite cheated with this statement that the so called creator – VINODSCARMA has created this award winning Cheating card. More over all the people who congratulated got fooled too!!

    How they can claim that its their design, while stealing idea form a well known business card format available in the public domain from Year 2011.

    Look at carefully here: http://www.toxel.com/design/2012/05/08/modern-business-cards/

    Guys DONT JUST STEAL others ideas created by HARD WORK and claim for the sake of awards.

    Common man will FEEL CHEATED in this already cheating world!

    Be honest – VinodSKarma and BOTS, please verify the credentials before you guys spoil the reputation by yourselves.


    • Thanks for pointing this out Anand.

      Dont think Vinod really spent time scouring the internet looking for designs to copy :) Will check with him eitherways.

      Its a very simple idea and Im sure anyone a tad creative would come up with it – does not really mean they cheated.

      Thanks for letting us know though.

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