Bike Fit vs Bike Sizing – what do you need to be comfortable on your bike?

Rohan Kini Bike Fit

Bike Fit basics by Specialized at BumsOnTheSaddle
Lady on a wrongly sized bike? 

Bike Sizing vs Bike Fitting – its a pretty important difference.
Do check out a relatively good writeup by on Sizing vs Fit.

In short ‘Bike Sizing‘ tries to fit the rider to a bike. A ‘Bike Fit‘ fits the bike to the rider. Subtle.

Bike Sizing is a definite must when you pick up a new bike. Most bike shops handle this to various levels of success. If a bike shop is lazy enough to be ignorant about bike sizing its a pretty good indicator of the quality of service to expect.

Bike Fit is a lot more involved and typically involves understanding bicycles, bicycling and the human body. The basic goal of a bike fit is to ensure you can comfortably achieve your goals with the bike – recreational riding, racing or endurance. Its also a good way to ensure you prevent unnecessary injuries as you go about enjoying your ride.

There are a HUGE number of products, philosophies and opinions out there with respect to Bike Fit. It can get a tad confusing but in reality the most important criteria is to have complete trust in the fitter setting you up – like visiting your doctor :)


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