Where do we ride?…

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Where do we ride this Sunday?…

I’m sure most of us are yet to recover from Christmas eve and yet gearing up for the new year eve. I have decided not to have a route map this time. I’ve been hosting Sunday morning rides for the last few months and this time, I want to try something new. When I started hosting the ride, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the ride. In-fact, I didn’t strive hard to push the ride in the beginning. I wanted to hear from the riders and structure the ride based on what people like rather than what I wanted to do.

Week on week, I was enthralled to see a new bunch of people reaching Hard Rock Cafe at 07 :30 am and expect something new from their routine life. We knew no barrier, no particular route and we didn’t hesitate in joining another group. Few reasons, behind the success of the rides were, we were open to suggestions and no one hesitated in trying something  new be it trying  a grocery shop for breakfast to riding in stodgy rain. Trying a new break fast place has been always amazing.

Thank you folks, I’ve learnt a bit from each one of you. For tomorrow, I don’t have anything planned. Lets reach Hard Rock Cafe at 07:30 am and quickly do a ride huddle and start riding from there.

Will see you tomorrow at Hard Rock Cafe.