Tring de bell with Godrej Eon Tour de India 2012 Presented By Hero Cycles


November 30, 2012 by Rohan Kini

tour de India

The “Godrej Eon Tour de India 2012 Presented By Hero Cycles” is all set to launch soon. Its a pity that it comes across as a massive marketing heist┬árather than professional racing.

Well, thats how the website puts it across. You really need to dig into the website to understanding what the Tour de India is all about.

From what we could understand from the website

Our favorite bicycling teams (after Team BOTS of course) the Specialized Kynkyny Cycling Team (SKCT) will be racing too. The very best to you guys – ensure you “tring de bell” there.

Wishing the organizing team the very best and a thumbs up from us to anyone that helps pushing cycling in this country.

  • {db}

    Not having a Bangalore leg does make me wonder whether it’s more of marketing. Anyway, it’s a start, and hopefully it will be a regular feature, and will go from strength to strength, covering more cities.

    • bumsonthesaddle

      And we totally agree!

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