ATCAG – Bicycle sharing for Bangalore


October 30, 2012 by Rohan Kini

We wish Kerberon Automations the very best as they kick off the very first completely automated bike sharing infrastructure for Bangalore.

In brief

  • Get a smart card after paying Rs 1000 as refundable deposit. The smart card is your key to getting a bike from the ATCAG docking station
  • First 1 hour of usage is free, subsequent hours are charged Rs 10 per hour
  • You can drop off the bike at any other ATCAG docking station

Barclays London and other similar bike sharing programs have made waves across the world. Time for Bangalore to see some change!

You can read up more about the company

Some ATCAG bikes ready to be ridden!

Good luck guys!

  • jithendranath

    very very interesting idea,i am enjoying every Sunday , it is the cycle day thanks to Kerbaron for providing this facility. Regards Jithendranath

  • MSV

    Very expensive if I decide to use this service to hire a bicycle to ride to work from the metro and return it in the evening…. that would mean 80 bucks per day. Hiring an auto is cheaper.

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