Sunday Morning Group Ride – 14 Oct 2012

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The Sunday morning rides are mellow 2 hour bike rides at a relaxed pace that are suitable for beginners to intermediate level riders. If you are looking at some gut wrenching action you can join us for the Wednesday Night rides.

Ride Details for this Sunday Ride (14 Oct)

Start Point: Hard Rock Cafe, 7:30am (next pickup point Forum Mall Entrance, 8:00-8:15am)

We head towards Halasuru lake, Coxtown Bridge, Banaswadi and touch Ram Murthy Nagar.

By 08:30am we will take a U Turn and ride towards Indiranagar and have breakfast @ Chaipatty around 09:00am.

We finish breakfast and ride towards Koramangala and end the ride at BumsOnTheSaddle.

More info about out Sunday Morning Rides

Check out the awesome BumsOnTheSaddle Marketplace if you are looking for a rental bike or a second hand bike to join us.