Planet Bike Tail Lights available

Rohan Kini Product Launch

Planet Bike products are now available at BumsOnTheSaddle :)

Tail Lights

Disclaimer – prices as on 7 Oct 2012. Please check the website for the latest prices


The Blinky 3 and the Blinky 7 are their entry level products.

  • Super Bright LED’s
  • 1 Mile Visibility
  • Flashing and Steady mode
  • Weather proof, lightweight and durable

The Blinky has 200 hours of runtime whereas the Blinky 7 has 7 LEDs, 220 degrees of visibility and multiple mounting options.


The Superflash Stealth and Superflash Turbo are their high end options and are known to be some of the best taillights in the world!

The brilliant super power LED and the flash pattern these taillights are visible even in day light. Very important when you are really serious about wanting to protect your back while riding in urban conditions or riding in high traffic.

  • 1 Mile visibility
  • Flash and Steady mode’s
  • Daylight visibility
  • Mounting options

The Stealth comes with a 1/2 watt super bright LED whereas the Turbo comes with a 1 watt LED for daylight riding and for ensuring others see you in the night!

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