Why should I buy a second hand bicycle

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Looking to get onto a bicycle? A second hand option might be a good choice too.

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The BumsOnTheSaddle Marketplace is a great tool to keep an eye out for good second hand deals – bicycles, gear and components.

There are quite a few advantages in picking up a second hand bike.

  • Cost – One of the main reasons for picking up a second hand bike. New bikes tend to be really expensive
  • Good Deal – buying a great used bicycle is really satisfying.
  • Better Bike – it’s very possible that you will get a lighter bike with better components for the same money. Definitely worth it as it makes your time on the bike even more enjoyable
  • Upgrade – get a good second hand bike and upgrade various components with the money saved.
  • Salvage the Components – salvage the drive train, frame and suspension and other components
  • Unsure of your riding – not sure of how much you will be riding? Get onto a good used bicycle rather than a cheaper compromise. The cheaper bikes typically come with cheap components which need more maintenance and are prone to issues. Not confidence inspiring when you are contemplating if you will enjoy this new hobby!
  • Sustainable – a used bike is sustainable and an environmentally sound decision. Waste less and Reuse!
  • Access to a Vintage Bike – for the classic, retro appeal.
  • History – a used bike has been places and has history. Stickers, scuff marks, dents might remove the shine off the bike, but they also add character to your ride.


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