Ignatius is a bum @ BumsOnTheSaddle

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Brilliant shot of Iggy by Chenthil Mohan. Do check out ChePhoto for more stunning pics

And we have another biker join the awesome team at BumsOnTheSaddle

Ignatius a.k.a Iggy is a well know and veteran rider and loves his downhill and his super awesome bike the Giant Glory

A quick word from Iggy

Hello this is Iggy. I have been born and brought up in Bangalore, Chinese by origin but still a Indian.

My ride is a Giant Glory 01 DH 2010 model and have been riding it for over 2 yrs. I am a crazy guy when it comes to riding a downhill track but love to work on bikes mostly and and help you get back on your bike asap.

Welcome aboard Iggy.

He will be joining us with a goal of ensuring a super awesome mech department for BumsOnTheSaddle. If you have any issues with your bike or want to know more about bike tech – Iggy and Karan are the guys to catch up with.

You can reach out to him at ignatius@bumsonthesaddle.com or just call the store [+91(80) 4123 3036] and say hi.

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