Randonneuring Special – PBP Movie nite

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BOTS movie nite - PBP special

Bikers from Bangalore who took part in the Paris-Brest-Paris 2011

What: Movie nite – PBP: The incredible journey

Where: BumsOnTheSaddle

What time: meetup at 6:30pm

Signup: on the facebook event page, if you like

The usual BOTS Movie nite fundas – get your friends, everyone is welcome, more the merrier and BYOB of course ;)

It all started with a call from one lone biker, Venkatachalam – “How about conducting some long distance rides in Bangalore ? Maybe give the PBP a shot ?

And it culminated with 5 bikers from Bangalore having an ride of their life at the phenomenal 1200Km Paris-Brest-Paris ride

There is a lot that happened in between and a bunch of stars which made it all happen – lots n lots of planning and riding, a good dash of exciting stories and some really really hard work. Game changers!

A big shout out to everyone who put in work to make this happen. There are just too many to talk about here.

The 5 folks who rode the PBP this year

  • Alex
  • Amol
  • Samim
  • Shreyas
  • Venkat

We would be meeting up this Saturday at 6:30pm – all the folks who helped conduct the Bangalore Brevets, the 5 riders who rode the 1200Kms and you of course.

We will also be playing the Paris-Brest-Paris: The Incredible Journey to get an idea of how the 2007 ride went and watch snaps taken by the folks at the PBP

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