Biker of the Week – Kishan Kumar

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[ Warning – Guest content. All views might sound more professional than normal ] BOTS Biker of the week – Kishan Kumar I bought my bicycle Trek 7100 on Apr 22, 2011 from BumsOnTheSaddle. I was told to get the bike back for a quick routine service within the first 3 weeks. That’s when I set my first target to cycle from home to work and …

Numb fingers and painful hands while cycling

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Shot by GNUYoga, Veloscope Palms/Hands pain on longer rides ? A common problem that should be solved immediately. It could lead to loss of strength and grasping power and advanced stages leave us with completely numb palms that sometimes persist for days. Scary! This problem could be an issue with bike setup or riding technique. Bike setup Bike setup is …

Bangalore Bicycle Championships == awesome

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Check out the brilliant videography/photography by Sagar TU of the prev BBCh race Fantastic !! More awesomeness Snaps by Harsha Snaps by Sreedath Snaps by the BOTS Veloscope team (coming soon) We will update this post with more snaps as they trickle in We love our local racing scene – we put in a ton of hard work behind the …

Know your tube and tire inside out

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A flat is something we all hate, but its something that’s inevitable. Every biker should have some basic understanding of tires and tubes – helps us keep our bikes in optimum condition and maybe event prevent a flat. As usual Sheldon brown has a pretty authoritative post on Flats Some points that we liked in specific Your Tire Tube inspection …

33km Off Road Race | BBCh #4

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race route (download gpx file) Race Details Where: Whitefield When: Sunday, 15th May 2011 What: Off Road Who: Anybody and everybody How long: a 33km ride (3 laps of 11km) Why: For the one prize that you can never buy off-the-shelf at any store