Good powerful lights for your bicycle

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Akslen lighting at BumsOnTheSaddle

Good lighting systems are a necessity as you start looking at more than just a ride around the block.

Its one of the must buy accessories along with a good helmet.

We have worked hard to get the best possible lighting systems for bikers here. While there are loads of them out there, these are tried, tested and recommended by us. We use them!

What to look out for in a lighting system

  • Multi flash mode – to conserve power depending on usage
  • Quick release mounting – to quickly remove it from the bike
  • Battery consumption
  • Candlepowerbrightness
  • Build quality

Check out the complete range of lights and other yummy accessories that we have on the accessory page on the BOTS website.

We just added a couple of models from Akslen

The HL-90, HL-80 (headlights) and the TL-60 and the TL-60s (taillights) to be specific.

These have been so good that we are already out of stock!

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