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Bicycle commutes are fantastic

  • Environment friendly, no pollution
  • Save on commute time
  • Combine exercise with your commute
  • Arrive at work refreshed and all charged up
  • Save oodles of money !

There are a couple of things we can do to make our commute more enjoyable (tons of info on this on the biking notebook)

One of the biggest issues in cities is pollution.

Bangalore, for example, is extremely polluted. Some of us who have been commuting on bicycles regularly over the years can literally feel the effect of pollution.

One of the main reasons why we at BumsOnTheSaddle are constantly experimenting with good anti-pollution gear.

Totobobo (one of the brands we recommend) has recently come out with a new mask called the super cool. Ideal for bikers. Its light weight and does not cover the face/nose. Prevents your riding glasses from fogging up too.


Mask: Rs 900

Filter: Rs 45 a pair (last about 3 weeks)

To encourage more bikers to start using these masks, we are offering these at discounted rates. The actual cost is $25

Its essential. If you commute, get a good filter ! You deserve it.

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