Bangalore Duathlon 13 July 2010

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Cycling and Running are something close to our hearts at BumsOnTheSaddle. Definitely happy to partner with RFL (our running counterparts) to help make the Duathlon in Bangalore happen.

Like they mentioned on their site – “The Duathlon serves an important purpose. It will get the running and cycling communities together.

And we are all for it.

Oh yeah, Abhinandan would also be conducting a warmup and recovery session. Please do keep an eye out for him at the venue. You could ask some of the organizers about this. The warmup session would be 10 sets of Suryanamaskar followed by Oxygenics – a system of pranic breathing coupled with rhythmic stretching. The recovery session will also involve Oxygenics. A small contribution from BOTS to make sure everyone is totally ready for the action.

We heard about a couple of hard core Ironman athletes converging on Bangalore to take part in this event and whoop some ass. Should be loads of fun !

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