Cycling Safety

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With the critical mass, the races and other events more folks seem to be taking up cycling as a means to commute, which is great news. Sure it gives one a sense of freedom and in our own interest we need to pay attention to safety in traffic. It’s not uncommon to come across cyclists annoying you on the road. Here are some tips:

Maintain your bicycle in decent working condition

Use the ABC quick check to make sure your bike is okay. You don’t want your brakes not working in an emergency or your jesus nuts quick release coming loose when you’re riding.

Clothing and visibility
Make yourself visible. Wear a helmet. Avoid loose fitting apparel if possible. If you’re riding when its dark use a white front light and a red rear light. Reflective clothing will also help. When cars in the opposite direction have lights glaring into your eyes you can hardly tell what’s on the left. I’ve seen a cyclist on my route wearing elbow guards, knee guards, a massive helmet and socks pulled to his knees with a backpack to feed a family of five. Now, that kind of visibility will attract a lot of wrong attention too.

Develop your biking skills
We have plenty of Schumachers and Rossis out there slicing through traffic, not to mention the auto rickshaws who’ve developed an uncanny ability to spot and squeeze into the smallest of spaces. If you do happen to encounter any of these specimens or any unexpected incident on the road you may have to come to a sudden stop/swerve/make an instant turn etc., and sometimes need to accelerate hard to avoid an accident. Here’s where your skills and control will come handy.

When you’re out there riding
Be predictable

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