Trek World Racing

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The Bangalore Bicycle Championships commence this month – for the next few months. And I hope there are a few bikers out here in Bangalore who are looking to push their biking skills, train and have a good time, competing and kicking some butt at the same times. That is the point of a competition right – get the adrenaline flowing and wanting to be the best !

Incidentally Trek launched their new site TWR – Trek World Racing. Knowing Trek and the way the handle their biking space i’m sure this is going to be grand !

Excerpt from their blog

Welcome to Trek World Racing.

6 riders, 2 disciplines, 1 goal


Trek World Racing is proud to present to the world its new website. Based heavily on video installments by the Parkin Brothers of Orpheus Productions, the new website is a testament to the team’s progressive philosophy of pushing the limits of what a race team can be.

Trek World Racing isn’t a cross country team. It’s not a downhill team. Instead, it’s a mountain bike race team, alowing the world’s best athletes to push their limits through a season of World Cup races. And with the launch of this website, you’ll be able to follow all the racing and behind-the-scenes action.

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