Find the mountains, make the track

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… a commute back home …

a recent late evening commute back home left me so stoked that I had to post up :) The commute started right out of our cubicles, down the stairs onto the streets, and back home.

commuting on a bicycle is one of the best things I do every day. Its amazing how my good karma piles up

  • I’m actively saving the environment
  • I’m saving cash
  • I’m getting fitter
  • I’m saving oodles of time
  • I’m having loads of fun
  • I get to work faster
  • I get a kick ass workout in the morning
  • I inspire folks – ever had kids admire you when you drive by in your swanky car ?
  • and Im sure the list goes on

The kind of bike you use for your commute is no big deal.

Have a mountain bike ? find urban trails. Its amazing what your commute can throw at you if you really learn to look.

Make it an active commute – understand traffic movement. Its time to use the faults on the road to improve your skills – bike handling, speed, cornering, jumping …

Have a road bike ? Time to train for speed. Time yourself daily. Maintain a timing chart and see if you can improve your timings. Learn how to improve your climbing skills. Small changes, like how you pedal for instance – can make you faster and more efficient.

Safety and sensibility at all times of course. This is all about having sensible fun.

There is no ‘perfect’ bike for commute – its all about having a bike that you love and the daily ride.

So. Do you feel alive at the end of your commute ? Tell us more about your commute.

Harsha and Nelly – you guys are the best commute pals :)