a week of biking in January

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Last week, bikers rocked Bangalore city :)

On Sunday the biking community met up at Redwoods for a talk organized by fellow biker, Sameer. We met enthusiastic residents and spoke about how cycling is the greatest thing since sliced-bread.

End result – one person picked up a bicycle the next day ! yaaa.

talking at Redwoods

Wed, a holiday because of the Sankranti festival, saw a bunch of bikers meet up in the wee hours of the morning and go on a small traffic awareness drive with MLA Narendranath Babu, who has been a staunch supporter for all bicycle related activities.

traffic awareness ride

Our good friend Venky, opened his new Merida Store that morning. Lots of fun n fanfare. BOTS wishes him the very best and a fantastic future.
Snaps here

That same afternoon some adventurous bikers decided to do some trail riding in the noon. Snaps here and here

Friday was Ignite 2 . Last time around some of us had spoken about Bicycle commute in Bangalore City. This time Ananth and Das spoke about the merits of cycling

<div style="width:425px;text-align:left" id="ss_928660”>Ananth Ranganathan – Freewheeling

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<div style="width:425px;text-align:left" id="ss_928665”>Dasarathi – Bangalore's Traffic Mess

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Saturday also saw a bunch of enthusiastic bikers dig up ramps and take a shot at jumps :) after being inspired by some Chandigarh bikers

Do check out the awesome snaps

Apart from all these, there were the usual weekend rides in the city. Check out the ride calendar for a quick glance at the rides happening in the city.

most snaps shot by our inhouse biker cum expert photographer – Pramod a.k.a Modi :)

Overall a very nice week of biking in the city !

[updated}: Pramod uploaded a ton of pictures and have updated all links to reflect these ! Thanks Modi. Plus one more of the Dermacon Event which happened on 7th Jan. Snaps here