BangaloreBikers sms channel

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announcing the new BangaloreBikers sms channel

Want to be kept updated about events, rides, movie nights, workshops, et al ?

Want to keep in touch with the other bikers in the city ?

Join up !

[updated with inputs from other bikers on this thread on BangaloreBikers]

how does this help

SMS is all about immediate update. You might miss a mail You rarely miss an SMS update.

why should one subscribe

It is one of the best ways to get important updates about biking activities in Bangalore

when does one get a sms

As soon as somebody posts an SMS. But you can set the time limits from the settings page.

where is the sms sent from

Google Sends the SMS. Hence only your nick name will appear in the SMS and not ur number. Also, neither the admin nor the users can access the registered mobile numbers. That way your privacy is taken care of.

Via Web –

Via SMS – Start the message with the channel name and then type the message. Send it to 9870807070.

E.g. bngbikers This is a test message. It needs to be sent to 9870807070

how much does it cost

If you send sms using web interface, it doesn’t cost a thing. If you send SMS using your mobile – standard SMS charges of your plan apply. Also, you will be charged for only one SMS though Google sends it to the entire group.

Note: There is no cost for receiving the SMS.

who sends the sms

Anybody in the group can send the SMS.

how to register

Via Web:

Via Mobile – Send this message – ON bngbikers – to 9870807070

For any other queries, visit –