Price increase

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Our trusty chalk board with bike prices

All prices seem to be going just one direction, UP !

We were recently told by TREK India, that all prices are going to be hiked up an approximate 20% because of an overall increase in the price of raw materials.

The Trek 4300D is the first bike to take the hit.

Earlier the bike used to cost Rs. 22,995

and now its costing a cool Rs 26,230

thats a 14% hike

Looks like the other bikes are all gonna follow suit in less than a months time.

Something to know – Shimano, which is a major bicycle component manufacturer, has increased its production by 40% and still requires a delivery lead time of 9 – 12 months. Mainly because of the demand for its parts ! Kinda shows which direction the world is heading towards with respect to cycling !

Here’s a podcast on how it’s going to affect every single manufacturer.